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Blue Natural Product

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Web Development

About the company

Blue Natural Product is an eco-conscious company that was founded by a respected, family-owned company that has been creating high-quality, hemp-based natural personal care products.


This is another CBD Website we’ve developed for one of our trusted clients.

In this project, we’ve paid a lot of attention to design to make it both user-friendly and minimalistic, so the users would be able to concentrate on the products. This is a drop-shipping website, which means it has all the E-Commerce functionality integrated and uses WordPress and WooCommerce core for the back-end, though the website itself is built custom based on the client’s requirements. Payment processor of client’s choice has been implemented as well to stat selling goods ASAP.

When working on this CBD Online Store, our team concentrated on delivering the best SEO optimization possible for the website to be fast and optimized. As a bonus, we’ve maid a free logo for the client. The site is built to behave well on mobile and tablet screens as well and all the CBD vendor’s products are uploaded there as well.