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A CBD-Dropshipping Website we’ve built entirely from scratch based on WordPress CMS and WooCommerce back-end. Basically, this is a WordPress multisite, that has three different versions of the CBD website for three different countries. Each of the multisite versions has it’s set of products, different delivery method and different suppliers and payment gateways.

When the user is logged in to this website, it automatically detects the country the user is from and shows them the correct version of the website based on the location. All of these multisite versions are synced and if the client would want to change the content, it’ll be changed on all three versions accordingly.

Aside of the CBD E-Commerce features, it also has a custom page called “Science and Education”, which educates people on CBD topics. Like all the other CBD websites we’ve done, it’s always supported, maintained and well-developed and optimized for mobile and tablet devices.