Best CBD Companies to Work With

Knowing which CBD brands are of great quality is important when you consider entering CBD market. On this page you will find the list of the best CBD companies to work with. We are constantly searching for trusted companies to inform our clients about them.


We live in a world of confusion, a world of constant connection and non-stop news and economic pressures. Our answer has been to develop CBD products that will allow people everywhere to transcend these problems and enhance their quality of life.

Sunflower Hemp Co.

Sunflower Hemp Co. is a licensed and GMP certified hemp processor and manufacturer in the state of Kansas that focuses on the refinement and post-processing of high CBD crude oil.  Sunflower Hemp Co. is committed to providing high quality CBD extracts and consumer products.

Lab Tested Products
Manufacture our own CBD ingredients for better product safety control
No Minimum Order Quantity and don’t have to carry an inventory
Utilize ShipStation for easy fulfillment
Dedicated to Customer Service
Orders are Shipped Directly to the Customer
Compliant CBD Extracts are Available for Dropshipping
Partner must sign a contract outlining each parties responsibilities

The Canna Co CBD Division

Specializing in the production and distribution of small-batch Hemp Production. Here at Canna Co CBD Division we look to craft the best Hemp CBD products,  from seed to sap with a focus on culinary delights, we do it all when it comes to Cannabis Sativa just blessed to have a public that supports our work.

The Remedy

Inventors of the famed entourage enhancement blend utilized in their full spectrum CBD tincture line and specialty tincture line. Their tinctures are rich in CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN and CBC. The Remedy Co. utilizes a variety of botanical extracts and cannabimimetics to potentiate their products and take the entourage effect to the next level. The Remedy Co. also creates the most premium line of CBD vape pen products on the market. They are 80%+ in potency and never ever crystalize. These CBD vape cartridges provide a potent effect with every single draw. They understand the endocannabinoid (ESC) system to such a large degree that they have created further supplements which nourish the ESC and enhance the effects of cannabinoids when taken alongside them. The Remedy Co. combines a variety of botanical, spice, and cannabinoid extracts to make some of the most robust and effective natural health products for all things, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Focus related and more! Check out their website and there blog for loads of information and insights into the hemp industry, many of which run counter to the mainstream narrative and can really help you navigate this confusing space full of conflicting misinformation.

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