How to Improve Your Communication With Your CBD Clients?

1. Respond Quickly To Your CBD Clients Inquiries

It’s crucial as it builds high-quality relationship between you and your CBD clients. Also, this shows your investment into the clients needs. Otherwise, they feel abandoned and might think you are not prioritizing them.

Here’s a tip: create some pre-written responses (so called “canned responses”) which may be quickly changed according to the inquiry you receive.

2. Avoid Misunderstandings by Using “Active Listening” Practice

You should pay more attention to the emotions of the CBD client you are talking to. This will help you ensure you understood everything as it was meant to be.

Ask open-ended questions, reflect back on your interpretation of your client’s statement and note negative emotions to make sure you’re on the same page with your CBD client.

3. Ask Clarification Questions

It is completely okay to be unsure about some details of your clients inquiry. Do not hesitate to ask more questions to make it clear for you. Your client will also prefer to expleain everything at the beginning rather than to make changes afterwards.

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