How to Setup SEO-friendly WordPress Website Structure

WordPress website structure is crucial for user experience (UX). Your potential visitors will become regular ones if they can easily navigate your wesbite and find anything they want.

It’s also important for technical SEO because search engines will index your website pages faster and it will rank higher in search results.

  • First of all, you need to find a good domain name. Use relevant keywords while brainstorming.
  • Then create a visual map of your website. It will help you to see the whole picture. Include header navigation menu, sidebar and footer navigation, pages and block categories in your map. For better efficiency research the competitors’ websites.
  • Select an SEO-friendly theme for your website. You can either use a pre-built WordPress theme or a custom theme built from scratch. We recommend using the second option. At Digital Octane we design and develop websites from scratch for better performance.
  • Organize permalink structure according to your website hierarchy. Permalinks are full URLs that tell search robots and your website visitors what information a web-page contains.
  • Don’t forget to categorize your web-pages. Again keyword search will help to create the right categories for your content.
  • Besides categories, use relevant title, header and / or blog post tags.
  • Last but not the least: use SEO-plugins. They will help to expand website functionality and even can give a boost to your website.
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