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5 Tips to Boost CBD SEO in Google

March 16, 2021

CBD business is a big deal right now. There are so many businesses now that they seem to be everywhere online. This is great, but the plethora of online businesses can cause problems getting the Google SEO for your CBD business right. You need to differentiate your business from your competitors to give your business a head start and that means making sure your online presence, including social media, SEO and your homepage, are attractive to your customers. But don’t worry. If you follow the A to E below you will give your business a competitive advantage:

Website Content

The first thing you should do is check your Google SEO CBD performance. Talk to an SEO expert if you are not one yourself, or read up on the latest techniques if you need to brush-up your skills. If you have a dedicated person running SEO, talk to them and find out what they are doing to enhance Google SEO CBD. You need to know the answers to these questions:

  • Are you using the correct keywords?
  • Do you have original content?
  • How fast or slow is your site load speed?
  • Are your metadata and title tags effective?
  • What is your competition doing with Google SEO CBD and how do you rank?

If the answers to these questions indicate that you have a problem, do something. You or your team need to come up with solutions, or you need to ask a professional for help.

Publish original material to your specific market

You MUST know who your market is. The shotgun approach wastes money and rarely does the job well. Narrow your focus. Are you selling cbd to sporting people? To parents? Dog-owners? Differentiate your business by being precise about your brand. Know who you are and then tell people who you are. Then you can use long-tail keywords to target your market and link to your online material and blogs. Using strategic keywords will make the task easier and your bank balance bigger.

Keyword phrases such as “CBD for parents” or “CBD for the elderly” will always rank better than “CBD”. Everyone is trying to rank for “CBD” and they are paying a lot of money to do it. Small businesses will not be able to compete with the big guys in this way. You must also align your blog and website content with your specific market. SEO in a saturated market is a difficult problem, but you can make your business profitable if you work smarter.

Secure Local Search Through Your Business Listing

If you have a CBD store and/or your business is online, you need to create a business listing for your location to get local search traffic. People like to shop local and it’s no different for CBD products. Make sure your Google SEO CBD is effective so you get as much of this as you can. And don’t forget to update your listing information if it changes, and check Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. regularly to make sure it is correct. The other advantage to a business listing – apart from helping your customers know where you are – is that it gives your business a professional presence and credibility.

Use Social Media

Although you are not allowed to advertise CBD on most social media, don’t put it in the ‘too hard basket’. Your business can still have a presence and be active. If you are off social media, your search engine ranking will be adversely impacted. You might have seen that your Facebook profile comes up as a top three, or even first result, when your brand name is searched. Trying to save time or money by disregarding social media is a big mistake.

You risk losing a lot of online exposure for your CBD business by doing so. And don’t forget to post photos. You can differentiate your business by adding good quality photos of your brand with thoughtful captions to differentiate it from others And use hashtags – they are like keywords for your SM accounts. N.B. Make sure you do not use banned hashtags or your account status could be jeopardized.

Add Original Video Content

If you really want to improve your Google SEO CBD performance, add quality original video content to your online presence. Not many of your competitors are doing it so get in now and take the advantage. Google will preference businesses with video content on their websites and social media accounts. It will also bump-up blog posts and web pages in search results. Google does this because consumers prefer video content.

You might be nervous about creating your own videos, but it is not too difficult. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment or have any expertise. Your iPhone and the plethora of free software will enable you to create excellent original videos. Even if you want to go with a professional, some of them have reasonable rates and can include live-action animation if you need it. We can help you do that if you wish. Just let us know.

Our business does a lot of work with many CBD, hemp and medical marijuana businesses and we have used the techniques above to help them improve their search rankings. The important thing to remember is that you have to do something. Doing nothing won’t make your problem go away.

Remember to post frequently on social media, a few times per week. Check your Google SEO CBD now. Publish original content and try some video content while you are at it. The results will come quickly so get on it! If you have any questions or think you might need our help, contact us. We are more than willing to talk to you about your needs, how we can help, or even doing some work for you if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.

Note: This content was first published in 2019 and has now been updated by our team to offer the best statistics, photos, and important information. We hope you like it!

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