How to Improve SEO CBD Strategy

How to Improve SEO CBD Strategy

December 28, 2022


Are you planning to start or optimize your already established CBD business online? Then, keep reading as this article bears the best tips to improve your CBD business.

Developing quality website remain the best platform when it comes to promoting and selling CBD-infused products. Talking about online growth, the sale of CBD products has grown by a whopping 45% since the previous year. More intriguingly, CBD market analysis projected that global CBD sales would triple by the end of 2023.

Without a doubt, there is a massive potential for business opportunities in CBD industry in the coming years. As such, CBD websites must implement good SEO practices to rank well and drive more sales. Here, we will spell out the best ways to improve your SEO CBD strategy.

First let’s discuss why SEO is important for CBD brands.

Importance of SEO for CBD Brands

Before we delve right into the importance of SEO for CBD, let’s examine what SEO is and how it works. That way, you will appreciate the significance of this digital marketing strategy in your business and the benefits of implementing it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy centered on driving traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. In other words, SEO strategies focus on increasing your website’s visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO examines all the core web vital needed to make website rank higher.

Aside from this, SEO also considers how search engines work, the search engine preferred by your targeted audience, what your visitors search for or the actual keywords your potential customers type into search engines, and lots more. As such, you will agree that SEO will remain relevant to businesses as long as search engines exist. It’s true that the algorithms of search engine get cleverer daily, and it’s getting harder to achieve quick results, but keep in mind that SEO basics has not changed much. If you invest into your CBD SEO, you can expect to see positive long-term outcomes. Moreover, since the CBD industry has promising opportunities, it is a reasonable investment especially considering the benefits SEO offers cannabis brands.

Now, why is SEO vital for your CBD brand?

SEO is important for any business website looking to gain more visibility and generate considerable online traffic. Trust us when we say that many CBD businesses leveraging SEO strategies are now market leaders in the CBD industry. Here are some of the benefits of implementing of SEO CBD strategies.

1. CBD SEO Boosts Your Website Search Ranking

SEO increases your website visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. To a large extent, the number of significant website engagements measures most businesses’ website performance. So, ranking on the first result page of prominent search engines like Google is important to ensure that customers see your website. Through SEO best practices, your optimized CBD website’s ranking on SERPs will attract more visitors to your website. Therefore, integrating good CBD SEO strategies helps your business establish a solid online presence by making your website more visible to potential customers.

2. SEO Strategy for CBD Helps Increase Sales

Unarguably, the main aim of every online business is to make sales. SEO has proven to be one of the most effective methods to increase sales and expand your business. Through the immense traffic of target CBD customers drawn to your SEO-optimized website, you will have more chances to positively impact the buying decisions of CBD consumers than other brands. As a result, SEO strategy for your CBD brand will rapidly increase your sales conversions.

3. Good CBD SEO Practices Improve User Experience

Following the most recent development in 2023, user experience has become a crucial factor in website ranking. More specifically, Google uses various algorithms and signals to sort search results as it aims provide the best experience for web users by ranking websites that are easy to navigate or unambiguous and that visitors can use for specific goals at the top. Hence, signals that relate to the user experience affect website ranking. These signals include bounce rate and dwell time.

Bounce rate represents the number of visitors who click on your CBD page and then leave, instead viewing other pages within your CBD website while dwell time; represents how long a visitor stays on your CBD site after clicking. So, good CBD SEO helps make your CBD website more user-friendly. That way, Google can detect your CBD website and rank it alongside other top recommendation on search results. Therefore, you must ensure your CBD website is optimized to provide the utmost satisfaction for visitors.

4. SEO CBD Strategy Focuses on User Intent

Understanding your user’s intent is essential to gaining higher visibility on search engine. Search engines crawl billions of web pages to rank websites with the most suitable content for web users’ search intent. Thus, SEO place consideration to what your target customers search for or the exact keywords they type into search engines.

That way, when customers search for products or services related to your CBD business, SEO ensures that your optimized website gets displayed alongside other top suggestions to meet their search intent. You can utilize tools like Google Search Console to analyze how your customers find your website, where your website ranks on the search engine result page, and detect the areas that need improvement to further boost your website performance.

5. SEO Boosts Your Website Speed

Website speed is another vital criterion to rank high on search engines. This is because slow-loading websites disrupt the user experience. As a result, search engines like Google emphasize improving user experience by showing fast-loading websites as top recommendations for online search queries. Integrating good CBD SEO strategy helps augments your website performance by amplifying your CBD web page speed. Then, maintaining your CBD website speed enables it to rank high on search engine result pages consistently, thus drawing more quality organic traffic to your CBD website.

Tips for Improving SEO CBD Strategy and Website Search Engine Ranking

Even though most online businesses employ advertisement through various channels to garners attention, you will find that the mainstream of traffic driven to online businesses emanates from search engines. SEO has become a staple in online marketing over the years. With quality CBD SEO strategy, your CBD business will rank higher on the search engines, drive traffic, and eventually generate more sales. Below are some vital tips for improving SEO CBD strategy and website search engine ranking.

1. Create Quality and Authoritative Content to Establish Your CBD Brand

Improving SEO CBD strategy entails creating exceptional content that will attract your target CBD customers. Notably, webpage content is a significant factor that Google considers while assessing the overall quality of web pages to rank websites. Google specified in its update in 2018 that web content must be E-A-T friendly to rank higher on its result page. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

This concept ensures that web users get the correct info in return to any search query from various web content. With CBD-infused products still under legal restrictions, proper cannabis SEO strategy ensures that your CBD niche’s content is authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy. When it comes to developing online content, there are numerous content formats you can create. They include blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, etc.

2. Integrate Strategic Keywords in Your CBD Web Content

Keywords are either single words or short phrases that internet users often use to seek related content on search engines. As such, once you find relevant keywords, you can integrate them into your site by strategically placing the appropriate keywords in high-quality content. This will help improve your visibility of your CBD business on search engines result pages. But then, avoid using the keywords excessively, as keyword spamming can negatively impact your SEO.

Another approach to using keywords for your SEO CBD strategy is targeting non-competitive keywords that can rank with little to no domain authority. This strategy allows you to direct relevant topics to your customers. By integrating these keywords into your site, you’ll help your CBD company rank in relevant search results.

3. Optimize Meta Tags for All Your Web Pages

Meta tags play a vital role in helping your website rank high in search results. Google uses these tags to better understand a web content and determine the pages’ relevancy, so it can rank the right sites in search results. Here are a few meta tags you’ll want to optimize to improve your SEO CBD strategy:

Title Tags

This is the first thing people see when they see search results. So, when you craft your title tag, you want to compel your target audience to click on your page. You’ll want to make it thrilling and engaging to drive quality traffic to your site. But make sure you integrate your essential keywords towards the beginning. It immediately shows search engines that your site is relevant to the search query. Additionally, ensure to stay within the 60-character limit, so your title tag don’t get cut off.

Meta Description

The next tag you’ll want to optimize is meta description. The meta description is a short summary or description of your page displayed beneath the title tag in search results. While your meta description doesn’t directly affect your rankings on search results, it impacts whether people click on your listings, since it helps web users determine if your listing is relevant to their search query. At the same time make sure you stay within the 120 to 150-character limit and integrate your core keyword into the description.

Header Tags

These tags appear at the top and throughout your content pages. These tags help organize web content and provide web users with a preview of what to expect on your CBD website.

Google uses these header tags to help them understand your page’s context, so you’ll want to optimize them to ensure you rank in search results. Like the other tags, make sure you integrate your core keyword into your header tags.

4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

A CBD website’s mobile-friendliness is a vital factor to consider in SEO CBD strategy. You will find websites are now built to drive SEO organic traffic without having to change devices. If you market CBD-infused products, you need to influence your visitor’s buying decision by enabling them to purchase your products at ease using mobile devices. Thus, proper CBD SEO optimizes your website to be mobile-friendly. Then, it impacts your business’s visibility and draws more visitors that might become loyal customers.

5. Enhance Your Local Presence to Drive Local Leads

Regardless of how established your CBD business is, generating quality leads is one of the most important aspects of running it. So, when you implement SEO for your CBD business, you don’t want to forget about developing your local presence. Many people search for local CBD companies to buy their products. Thus, if your website is not well optimized for these searches, then you’re missing out on potentially valuable traffic.

Here are a few tips to optimize website for local searches:

• Listings in Local Online Directories

Having a strong online presence in local searches is vital. And to do this, you must leverage online directories. Not only will it market your business, but also boost your rankings and drive organic traffic locally.

• Online Reviews

Building and solidifying trust is one of the guaranteed ways to promote your business and maintain a loyal customer base. This includes displaying customers’ reviews or testimonials on your website. Ensure to provide high-quality service leave your customer satisfied and happy to post positive reviews. Generating leads as a local CBD business is even more tasking, but, by using CBD SEO the right way, you will be able to create a strong online presence.


Considering the nature of the CBD products you’re dealing with, it’s a no-brainer that running the business comes with various controversies and bottlenecks. In the same vein, crafting and implementing effective SEO CBD strategies takes time, effort, and money.

The tips we examined in this article will help you improve SEO CBD strategy and take your online journey in the CBD business to place beyond expectation. With time, you will drive better organic traffic and gain more leads. Nevertheless, to developing a robust SEO strategy to organically rank your CBD website high on search engines, expert guidance is key to of achieving this.

At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development services. More so, if you need a website for your CBD business and a blog to attract more clients worldwide, you are in the right place. Do well to reach out to us today!

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