Top  CBD Keyword Research Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 8 CBD Keyword Research Mistakes You Should Avoid

October 13, 2022


Most people fail to study the basic rules for CBD keyword research extensively. Some individuals believe that keyword research is optional or not as crucial. This is because conducting thorough keyword research can be tasking and time-consuming. They also think high-ranking content doesn’t merely depend on shoving the proper keyword into your CBD website text.

However, the first step in a successful CBD search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is selecting the ideal keywords. Besides, skipping your keyword research in creating content is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

This article provides extensive and valuable information on CBD keyword research and how to avoid them. Let’s get right into it!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a method employed by SEO experts to find terms and terminologies that will rank high on search engines results page (SERP) to cause traffic, attract customers, and boost sales. Keyword Research is majorly used to search for products on search engines.

The aim of using keywords is to ensure that you deliver well-crafted content to your client with precision and accuracy. Regarding keyword research, it is better to find a niche keyword on which one will expand to find other keywords. However, some keyword research tools make finding keywords easier. Tools like “Google ads keyword planner, Google trends, Google suggest, and Bing ads keyword planner all help to suggest relevant keywords.

Afterward, you will observe the effect of including these search terms on how you understand the market and how often your content pops up on search engines. Often, long-tail keywords are employed to reduce competition, attract visitors, and ensure that customers purchase products or services. It is a vital strategy to search for keywords that have limited competitors.

Why Should I Carryout Keyword Research on CBD?

To a large extent, keyword research constitutes the building block for any successful SEO effort, and the CBD space is no exception. A successful application of CBD keywords provides what the reader is searching for and help craft the best content on CBD. Even so, applying the right strategy to find the CBD keyword might be challenging initially, but it is worth it in the end. Check the benefits of CBD keyword research below:

  • Good CBD Keyword Research Increase Website Ranking

You rank better on search engines when you research thoroughly and use the right keywords. There’s no doubt that maximizing SEO strategies help websites rank high on search engine result pages. Thus, it remains essential that you conduct thorough CBD keyword research because it allows you to direct your attention to the specific keywords your target audience enters on search engines.

Aside from this, the volume of keywords also matters. Keyword search volume is a metric that indicates the number of times the keyword is searched in a specific time frame across all audiences. Therefore, proper CBD Keyword research helps identify suitable keywords with adequate search volume to match.

  • It Helps Drive More CBD Organic Traffic

With appropriate CBD keyword research, you’ll likely get a lengthy list of keywords related to your CBD business to improve your ranking. So, it is pointless even if you wind up on the first page of search results for a specific keyword and no one visits your site.

The number of repeated keywords in your web content will help generate traffic. In other words, you must use every effort to establish yourself as an authoritative source by building your website with educational, helpful material and promoting it to gain social interactions and links.

  • It Improves Awareness of New CBD Market Trends

Do not assume that you know what your target audience wants or searches on an intuitive level. On this note, it would help if you still spent some time getting to know the language of your audience. What language is employed? What keywords do they use, and which ones are competitive?

Above all, remember to frequently update your keyword research list because the market and company’s needs may change at any point in time. That also affects how you choose your keyword phrases.

Tips On CBD Keyword Research

Your SEO initiatives benefit significantly from the information that keyword research provides. The steps you should follow to find the ideal keywords are as follows:

  • Consider the CBD keyword you wish to rank for because it can help your business. Also, consider CBD keywords that are not competitive. Utilizing search engines with immense potential is the basis of SEO. Most websites focus on well-known keywords to increase competition on the first page.
  • Putting long-tail keywords to use is also essential. Long-tail keywords are frequently the SEO industry’s undiscovered treasures, highly regarded by Google and other search engines. A long-tail keyword has three words or more. These three words form one keyword. For example, keywords like “CBD marketing strategies” enable users to find your website when searching for strategies used to market CBD online.
  • Set topics apart into groups. List as many pertinent CBD keywords as you can for each bucket. To make your list more focused, use the research tools. These tools will provide more insights into how competitive each keyword is. After completing your analysis, you should have a list of valuable keywords. Then, you can begin organizing an SEO strategy.
  • Knowing your company, website, and online presence will help you value keywords. Make a quick list of your company’s objectives to evaluate the worth of CBD keywords. Then, take note of the CBD keywords that fit the requirements better because these are the ones you should use more.
  • Draft a suitable plan. Then, carry out an SEO campaign that will promote your business. You may eliminate the need for speculation and hope by doing your homework and planning.

Undoubtedly, CBD keyword research is essential in showing the result of what people search for, how they search for it, and the pattern of how they search for it. If you’re having trouble developing more CBD keywords that people might use to search on a particular subject, check for search terms that show up when you enter a CBD keyword into Google. That way, you’ll find some search recommendations for your first keyword. You can build on these keywords as they can suggest additional keywords you might want to consider.

Top 8 Mistakes People Make When Conducting CBD Keyword Research

Now that you know why it is essential to do CBD keyword research to make your content more visible online. Let’s analyze some common mistakes people make to nullify the effect of their search.

1. Focusing On Irrelevant Keywords

When choosing keywords, pay attention to the main keywords that generate traffic. The choice of your keywords is influenced by what your client wants. For example, CBD keyword research would mean reviewing questions the customer might ask and search for online. Focus on CBD keywords pertinent to your content’s fundamental subject. These keywords should support the main topic and connect your product or service.

2. Ignoring Long-tail CBD Keywords

The effect of using long-key words in attracting visitors has been underrated. It is great because it generates less traffic. When you combine a lot of long-tail keywords, you can also generate traffic. Some clients may want to make searches of everything they want at once, like a search on finding keywords for CBD. Additionally, using long keywords reduces the competition rate on main keywords and increases the chance of new visitors purchasing your product.

3. Competitor Analysis

Focusing on the competitors is one of the critical factors to consider while doing CBD keyword research on search engines. It is to ensure that you retain traffic on the site. When analyzing competitors, you can use tools to provide visibility on search engines. Check for simple CBD keywords that appear online, check for keywords used by CBD competitors, and analyze and update your keywords in the search engines.

More so, you might decide to focus on smaller specific websites rather than attempting to compete against well-known companies. It will help you gain considerable momentum and gain potential customers’ trust. You may narrow down your keywords and fill out your page with the most high-quality content by creating more focused, specialized web pages.

4. Ignoring Search Intent

The idea of search intent is essential. Suppose your material satisfies the needs of your client. It will rank higher. Additionally, the query’s best resource must be your content. Knowing the client’s intention makes finding the right CBD keywords easier.

Review the many questions the client could ask and focus on the most likely keywords to be used to make your content the best option. For example, I want to write about using CBD products to improve my health. I would instead focus on keywords like “CBD benefit” and “CBD health benefits.” Applying the right keywords will help generate traffic for your product.

5. Focusing On one keyword

One of the biggest mistakes people make while searching for CBD keywords is using only one keyword in a single statement and even in the entire content. Rather than doing this, finding other keywords related to the main CBD keyword is better.

Due to their broadness and high search volume, primary keywords are exceedingly challenging to rank high. Instead, your list of keywords should include a mix of terms with a healthy search volume and words that might not have a lot of searches but may still be highly likely to be searched.

6. Underestimating Actual SERPs

The value of keyword research is immeasurable. And for this reason, one of the finest combos for success is to conduct proper CBD keyword research and ensure that you also conduct SERP research. SERP lets you search for the keywords of your choice and see what the top result looks like to learn more about them. The search engine result page shows how much your content ranks online compared to SEO.

7. Inadequate Keyword Research Strategy

What metrics best apply in searching for keywords? What volume of keywords will be sufficient to optimize your web content? These are the vital questions that come to mind when implementing a keyword research strategy. Besides, planning and applying an erroneous research strategy is one mistake you can’t afford to make.

Thus, before you take the step of searching for CBD keywords, you must draft a plan. This plan should focus more on your audience and what they want and cover how to check for keywords and apply them. Make sure to analyze your project and follow this analysis strictly.

You should be able to understand why focusing solely on some keywords can ultimately result in the failure of your SEO strategy and why disregarding others can be fatal. It is where developing a sound keyword research strategy can benefit the long-term success of your website.

8. Not Reviewing Your SEO Keyword Results

An overall review of CBD SEO keywords search helps not only to analyze your choice but also help to see if you have chosen the right keywords. You should review your keywords if they are not generating traffic on search engines and if you want to replace your keyword with something that will attract your client.

Reviewing your research is a crucial component people ignore, look out for how to advance, grow, check through research tools, and determine precisely how much traffic your keywords generate. To assess how your keywords convert, you should have a conversion procedure on your website. You should always maintain the same traffic over time and consistently seek to increase it.


Gaining more visibility through search engines can help your CBD business attract new clients and expand. Thus, you can employ CBD SEO best practices to boost your internet visibility. A practical approach to CBD SEO is conducting proper CBD keyword research. Even so, conducting CBD keyword research takes time, effort, and expertise, which justifies why most people tend to do it wrongly.

This article takes a detailed look at CBD keyword research mistakes and how to avoid them. For a wealth of helpful advice on how to set up an effective CBD keyword research plan, you can bank on Digital Octane.

At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development as well as SEO services. More so, if you need help with SEO for your CBD website, then you are in the right place. Do well to reach out to us today!

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