Best CBD Copywriting Strategies

Best CBD Copywriting Strategies

December 13, 2022


To a large extent, the excitement over the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry continues to soar beyond the ordinary. And this is possibly due to the tremendous rate the market is developing, even in states that have just recently legalized the distribution of CBD-infused products. Besides, the increasing legalization and growing awareness of CBD continue to drive this new gold rush. Nonetheless, implementing effective CBD copywriting strategies for your already established or startup CBD business is essential to gain a solid presence and cash in on the enormous opportunities in this booming industry. Hence, this article provides comprehensive and valuable information about the best CBD copywriting strategies.

First, discuss why a CBD website needs an excellent copywriting strategy.

Top Reasons Why CBD Websites Need Effective CBD Copywriting Strategy

According to recent web analytics, the statistics showed that over 80% percent of online consumers conduct internet research on products or services before purchasing. Moving forward, CBD distribution across most states varies with different legal specifics. Also, there are still reservations surrounding what is legal and what isn’t to date. This is because cannabis is a complex plant containing over 400 different chemical compounds that elicit detrimental effects.

With cannabidiol being a product of this plant, asserted to have health and wellness benefits, consumers deliberate on the reliability of CBD products due to their existing perception of cannabis. Besides, CBD-infused products are available in various forms, including oil, edibles, topicals, isolates, concentrates, and tinctures to meet specific needs. This makes everyday customers less familiar with asking lots of questions because there’s a lot to understand. For instance, a few questions that go through the mind of most customers include the following:

  • Will CBD make me get high?
  • What are the health benefits of CBD?
  • Will it help me manage my pain or anxiety?

Thus, the extent of comprehension and knowledge acquired about CBD products influence their purchasing decisions in the long run. In other words, CBD companies that fail to educate their customers enough to market their CBD products safely have a lower conversion rate.

In recent times, the increasing search metrics for cannabis or CBD products indicate that more web users are interested in these products or want to learn more about the industry. Hence, this brings us to the need for CBD websites to implement good CBD copywriting strategies. This digital marketing approach remains a vital form of content marketing as it helps educate and enlighten prospective customers that visit your company’s website about CBD.

Above all, integrating good CBD copywriting strategies can help your website accrue more visibility, build your customer base, and maximize sales. Here are some reasons why CBD websites need an effective CBD copywriting strategy.

1. Effective CBD Copywriting Strategy Will Increase Your CBD Website Traffic

Copywriting is a vital aspect of SEO, and good CBD copywriting can help improve your CBD website ranking. Therefore, good copywriting remains a powerful tool to increase the traffic drawn to your website. Implementing a keyword-rich and high-quality copy on your website will likely boost your ranking higher than most competitors on search engine results pages.

That way, your brand will gain more visibility when potential customers search for a CBD product associated with your brand. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic from these customers intending to acquire your products or services. So, the more these target customers visit your website, the more likely you will sell your CBD products to interested customers.

2. It Showcases Your Authority and Expertise in a Specific CBD Niche

Generally, high-quality content sells every brand to potential customers. Cannabis copywriting is one of the critical components every CBD website must implement to showcase authority and expertise in a specific cannabis niche. Writing content around the cannabis industry with the search query and target audience in mind regularly helps the audience to easily label you as a proficient CBD copywriter and an expert on that specific industry topic. So, to further promote your CBD brand, you need to offer your customers an appealing copy that will inform, entertain, delight, and simultaneously sell your CBD products. This will also help generate plenty of exposure and create brand value with a considerable increase in sales.

Moreover, top search engines like Google have become more sophisticated than ever. Today, Google uses advanced algorithms and signals capable of interpreting text better. Therefore, this informs the need to incorporate effective CBD copywriting strategies to help Google better understand your web content and to rank it higher. Put together, quality content satisfies your customers while informing search engines, giving your CBD brand a two-fold benefit.

3. Good CBD Copywriting Strategy Helps Establish Your CBD Brand

Quality cannabis copywriting strategies will help establish and solidify the online presence of your CBD business. If online visitors find your web copy engaging, educating, and interactive, then you have better chances of securing a loyal customer base. To bolster this, your quality web content will continue attracting your customers to keep returning to top up the benefits they derive from your brand for an extended period.

However, there’s a need to maintain a balance when integrating CBD copywriting strategies to prevent a mix-up. More simply, proper CBD copywriting ensures helpful content that satisfies prospective customers or those not well aware of your product and your returning customers.

4. It Builds Trust with The Reader

Building trust with readers online is not as easy as it looks. Besides, you have very little time to dazzle your online site visitors once they find themselves on your website. If these visitors exit without visiting other web pages on your CBD website, your bounce rate will increase beyond the normal, deeming your site less user-friendly. Ultimately, your website will decline over time, which can impact your CBD business’s growth.

It would be best if you implemented a proper strategy to build trust with your target reader. One of the main approaches is generating copies that reveal your brand’s authenticity to earn their trust. As such, the quality content will keep customers on your website and encourage them to explore further. But then, this strategy shouldn’t just be geared toward your customers. Likewise, it is also vital to optimize the copies for search engines. That way, your CBD business will benefit even further from the quality onsite content services you render.

5. Quality CBD Copywriting Strategy Generate More Leads

The primary step to selling CBD products online is developing a website that distinguishes your CBD brand from the competition. You’ll need to implement a CBD marketing strategy to generate leads successfully or boost your sales conversion. Good CBD copywriting will help you develop content that meets your target customers’ eye.

Sometimes creating cannabis content gets tough to write by oneself. For that, you can leverage expert CBD copywriters with proficient knowledge and ideas of your CBD brand, giving your business the upper hand. If you regularly publish quality content to your audience, you can add a call to action like subscribing to your email, product discount, and many more to generate more leads. So, after generating plenty of good articles or copies, collecting the gold coins in return would almost become seamless.

Different CBD Copywriting Strategies

1. Starting With the Basics

Running a CBD business online provides endless opportunities to compete in the world’s leading markets due to the industry’s vast potential. Since the CBD industry is relatively new, following its legalization in 2018, and CBD-infused products are starting to expand, your business’s primary focus should be educating your target customers about CBD. Yes, there’s an increasing awareness of CBD worldwide, but keep in mind that many consumers are still unaware of the benefits of these products.

Nowadays, consumers search for hard facts about CBD products, not guesses or not assumptions, because their health and well-being are on the line. Hence, you must understand what your target audience wants for you to develop CBD copywriting strategies that suit their needs. Before publishing your content, ensure that the content identifies the pain points of your target market and stands out from the competition.

Additionally, a successful cannabis copywriting campaign will involve generating a content strategy that funnels leads into sales. Afterward, you can leverage retargeting techniques to increase the leads for your CBD business.

2. Providing CBD Definitions

Another great CBD copywriting strategy is providing comprehensive CBD definitions using authority articles. The CBD industry is a relatively new market, even though the product itself has long been discovered. Aside from this, there are still many distributions and marketing restrictions in place to date, but the one thing every CBD brand can provide to their customer is authentic information.

An increasing number of web users want to learn more about CBD. A great strategy to market your CBD brand and rank higher is to provide informative, easy-to-understand, and trustworthy articles. This involves delivering detailed descriptions of your CBD-infused products, health-related data, and scientific studies and providing answers to every question related to cannabis that customers might want to know.

By publishing and marketing these informative articles, you can establish your brand as an authentic competitor offering factual information and advice. The more people who visit your site, the more likely they will explore your products and make purchases.

3. Regularity in Content Posting

There are thousands of CBD websites out there, and yet only a few are active websites. So, this goes without saying that you must keep your website updated and active by regularly posting content. This will not only optimize your SEO but also continue to show that you are knowledgeable in the industry. Web blogs provide an excellent medium for regular content posting. With effective product and home pages, you can create informative and engaging copy for your brand in no time.

Blogging allows you to target high-quality visitors and quench their curiosity. At the same time, the quality articles instigate the reader to explore your product pages further and possibly land on your website. More importantly, avoid fluff and blocks of text while creating your CBD content to avoid boring your readers. Instead, your article should be well structured and formatted to ensure a delightful reading experience. You can include visual points or infographics as a breather from all the text.

4. Mentioning the Physical and Mental Benefits of CBD

Many people are still under-informed about the health benefits of CBD, particularly for physical and mental ailments. Hence, your cannabis copywriting approach must neatly outline the benefits of your product and how it can help them with their condition. You can educate customers about CBD’s therapeutic effects for other ailments, including pain relief, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, diabetes, workout recovery, etc.

CBD doesn’t only help with physical ailments but also produces heaps of therapeutic mental effects. Above and beyond, a growing percentage of the world’s population experience work stress and anxiety or want to feel relaxed and have a good night’s sleep. So do well to inform them about the mental benefits of CBD.

Those interested in experiencing these benefits will be much more inclined to purchase your products and tell others about your brand. Nevertheless, it would be best if you researched each of your products and clearly clarified their distinct effects and what they should expect after using the product.

5. Providing Lab Test Results

Every CBD brand’s primary aim is to ensure that readers feel confident in their business. Even so, most online customers trust and patronize businesses with products backed by scientific evidence. Unfortunately, CBD sellers claim various health benefits but fail to provide solid evidence to support their claims. And this often makes customers lose interest and doubt the authenticity of most CBD brands. So, always display the lab results of your CBD products on the landing and product pages, which will help build trust and maximize your sales conversions.


The CBD is a fast-developing yet sensitive industry. As a result, implementing effective CBD copywriting strategies has become much more critical. Good CBD copywriting strategies naturally attract web users to your website and position guides within articles to drive sales.

As a cannabis copywriter, you must recognize and write based on what your target customers want, start with the basics, and indicate your CBD products’ physical and mental benefits before posting your content. This is vital for the success of your business.

At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development services. More so, if you need a website for your CBD business and a blog to attract more clients worldwide, you are in the right place. Do well to reach out to us today!

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