CBD SEO – How to Increase CBD Organic Traffic

CBD SEO – How to Increase CBD Organic Traffic

July 19, 2022


The Cannabidiol (CBD) industry is expanding and expanding fast! Perhaps, there is a need to point out that this promising market has been projected to value at 24 billion USD by 2025.

Consequently, the competition in the CBD industry has increased. Nowadays, most CBD businesses find it hard to make the best of their website. Nevertheless, you should know that CBD SEO is one of the most effective strategies to attract potential CBD customers to your CBD website.

Hence, this article offers comprehensive information on increasing CBD organic traffic to your website using SEO.

Why Does Every Website Need SEO?

Before we dive right into this, you need to know what SEO is and how it works. That way, you will understand the significance of this marketing strategy in your business and what you stand to gain by implementing it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing your website’s visibility on search engine result pages. You will find that this digital marketing strategy aims to improve the quality and quantity of organic traffic drawn to your website.

Note that Organic traffic is a term that refers to the visitors that land on your website from the search engine’s response to the visitor’s search query.

More simply, acquiring SEO organic traffic is such that good SEO strategies make your business website more visible and accessible to the target audience. Therefore, aside from attracting these audiences, your optimized website can help convert your website visitors to online customers. As a result, you get to boost your sales and also secure a widespread customer base.

How SEO Works

SEO examines all the nitty-gritty required to make your website rank higher. It enhances core web vitals, including your website speed, web page content, interactivity, and mobile-friendliness.

Aside from this, SEO also considers how search engines work, the search engine preferred by your targeted audience, what your visitors search for or the actual keywords your potential customers type into search engines, and lots more.

Hence, this brings us to the million-dollar question – “Why Does Every Website Need SEO?”

To quench your curiosity, take a look at the few reasons why SEO is important for websites below:

1. SEO Improves Your Website Visibility and Ranking

SEO increases your website visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. Ranking on the first result page of prominent search engines like Google is important to ensure that customers see your website.

Therefore, Good SEO practices help your business establish a solid online presence by making your website more visible to potential customers.

2. SEO Helps Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

SEO is an essential component of every business’s digital marketing strategy. Once your website gains more visibility on reliable and trusted search engines like Google, the number of visitors that will land on the website is bound to increase daily.

Web analytics indicate that approximately 53% of all organic traffic driven to websites comes from search engines. This is because most web users tend to click on the first five suggestions that search engines show them.

Consequently, when potential customers search for a CBD-infused product related to your brand, you rank higher than most competitors, thus making your business more visible to target customers. The more these target customers visit your website, the more likely you will sell your CBD products to interested customers.

3. Good SEO Is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Notably, SEO impacts your business by increasing its visibility online. However, implementing good SEO practices for your CBD website will help you stay ahead of the wide-ranging competition and drive CBD organic traffic for several years.

Establishing a robust online presence encompasses engaging your customers in the long run. As a result, SEO will improve your brand awareness and help you secure a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for your products for an extended period.

4. SEO Is Quantifiable and Trackable

SEO offers a means of tracking your website performance as you can examine the number of significant engagements and order completions made on your website. This makes SEO trackable and quantifiable.

Hence, as a CBD entrepreneur, CBD SEO can help you determine the quantity of CBD organic traffic drawn to your website in a specified period. That way, you can tell how your business is fairing online and get a good idea of the areas where your website needs improvement.

5. SEO Is Relatively Cheap and Very Economical

SEO is inexpensive compared to Paid-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or paid search. With paid search, you have to pay a certain fee to have your website displayed at the top of the search engine result page for a specified period.

Paid ads are usually done through a Google Ads search campaign. This campaign charges you when a web user clicks on the link to your website.

Even so, this strategy can be expensive, especially if your sales conversion cannot match the number of visits to your website.

However, integrating good SEO into your website is more like an investment that keeps your business relevant for the long term as it continues to generate organic traffic without the need for recurrent investment. Hence, it is safe to say SEO is cost-effective.

How Can SEO Drive More Organic Traffic to Your CBD Website?

Nowadays, CBD products are increasingly becoming essential products amongst customers. You will find that the diversity of CBD-infused products available to suit your needs continues to expand. Not to mention, the influx of many entrepreneurs into these different CBD niches has recently made the CBD industry competitive.

As a result, many CBD businesses have established an online presence through websites to boost their sales. But then, this strategy seems less productive for countless CBD businesses over time. The need to drive more CBD organic traffic for more sale conversions has sprung out CBD SEO.

Without a doubt, Cannabis SEO has helped many CBD entrepreneurs boost organic traffic to their website, increase sales and expand their CBD business.

Let’s examine how key SEO factors can lure more organic traffic to your CBD website.

1. SEO Helps Optimize Your CBD Website Content

Applying the proper CBD SEO entails creating unique content that will attract your target CBD customers. Unsurprisingly, webpage content is a significant factor that Google considers to rank websites.

Google specified in its update in 2018 that web content must be E-A-T friendly to rank higher on its result page. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Note that this criterion ensures that web users get the correct information from your content.

With CBD-infused products still under legal restrictions, proper cannabis SEO ensures that your CBD niche’s content is authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy. Thus, integrating good SEO practices guarantees that your CBD content is EAT-friendly, ranking your website high and driving more organic traffic.

There are numerous content formats you can create. They include blogs, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc.

2. Good SEO Practices Improve User Experience

User experience is another pivotal factor in website ranking. For instance, Google aims to provide the best experience for web users by ranking websites that are easy to navigate or unambiguous and that visitors can use for specific goals at the top.

As such, you will find that Google employs specific signals to detect user experience for websites and ranks these websites based on these signals. So, good CBD SEO helps generate more SEO organic traffic to your website by making your CBD website more user-friendly. That way, Google can detect your CBD website and position it with top suggestions.

3. CBD SEO Focuses on CBD User Intent

Understanding your user’s intent is essential to gaining visibility on every search engine. Moreover, search engines crawl billions of web pages to rank websites with the most suitable content for web users’ search intent.

Besides, user intent can be in various forms, they include:

  • Transactional
  • Informational
  • Navigational

Thus, SEO focuses on what your target customers search for or the exact keywords they type into search engines.

That way, when CBD customers input a query related to your CBD business into search engines, CBD SEO ensures that your optimized website gets displayed alongside other top suggestions to satisfy their search intent. This enables your CBD website to rank high and draw organic traffic.

You can utilize tools like Google Search Console to analyze how your customers find your website, where your website ranks on the search engine result page, and identify the areas that need improvement.

4. SEO Increases Your Website Speed

Website speed is crucial to rank high on search engines. This is because slow-loading websites disrupt the user experience. As a result, search engines like Google emphasize improving user experience by displaying fast-loading websites as top recommendations for search queries.

Good SEO augments your website performance by amplifying your CBD website’s loading and web page speed. Then, maintaining your CBD website speed enables it to rank high on search engine result pages consistently, thus driving more CBD organic traffic to your CBD website.

Top SEO Tips for Your CBD Businesses

Your CBD website can remain a top recommendation with the right SEO strategy as long as search engines exist. Below are some of the vital SEO tips for CBD businesses:

  • Conduct Keyword Research to Rank in Relevant Search Results

Using the right keywords is an essential aspect of SEO. Search engines crawl billions of contents for specific keyword phrases to determine a website’s relevance to search intent. So, CBD SEO considers and conducts research for keywords relevant to your CBD business and implements them in your CBD content topic.

That way, you will find that your CBD website gets ranked at the heart of search engine result pages by applying the right keywords to your content that makes it relevant to your target customer’s search intent. As a result, it attracts more CBD customers by organically driving inbound traffic, thus generating more sales conversions.

  • Add Strong Backlinks and Internal Links to Your CBD Website

Backlink building involves linking your CBD website directly to other high-quality websites. Adding backlinks to your website improves your trustworthiness and credibility, which are vital ranking factors for good SEO.

You will find that quality backlinks direct your visitors to other sources with content that are related to your products. Even though backlink building enhances your business’s visibility, the links must be added ethically and strategically to avoid legal compilations of plagiarism.

Internal links are hyperlinks between web pages that direct from one page to another on the same website. These links help give your website visitors a clearer picture of what your products or business is about by directing them to more correlated content.

Hence, CBD SEO strategically places these links within your CBD content topic. Subsequently, it ranks your CBD website high and drives more SEO traffic.

  • Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

It’s hardly a surprise that a CBD website’s mobile-friendliness is a vital factor for Cannabis SEO. You will find websites are now built to draw SEO organic traffic without having to change devices. This applies especially to CBD entrepreneurs that market lifestyle and wellness products like CBD edibles and cosmetics.

If you market these CBD-infused products, you need to influence your visitor’s buying cycle by enabling them to purchase your products at ease with their mobile devices.

Thus, Cannabis SEO optimizes your website to be mobile-friendly. Then, it impacts your business’s visibility and draws more visitors that might get converted to loyal customers.

  • Use Meta Tags for Your Webpages

Meta tags help search engines rapidly understand and discover sites with content related to search intent. Good SEO practices enhance your website for better ranking and drive more organic traffic by optimizing your meta title and description.

A Meta title is the title or text that appears on search engine result pages to indicate the topic of a webpage. At the same time, a Meta description is a snippet of text that appears below the page title on search engine result pages. Thus, optimizing these tags attracts and draws more CBD customers to your CBD website.


The CBD market size continues to expand. Unsurprisingly, the competition for the available business opportunities in the CBD industry has increased over the years.

CBD SEO continues to help many CBD businesses attract more potential customers from search engines. Yours should not be left out!

This article examined how SEO can help drive more organic traffic to your CBD website.
Applying CBD SEO best practices to your website offers your brand the opportunities to increase awareness and generate more sales. Trust us when we say it pays off in the long run.

At DigitalOctane, we provide outstanding CBD website design, development services, and SEO services. If you need a website to sell CBD products and attract customers worldwide, you are in the right place. Do well to reach out to us.

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