Best WordPress Hosting Service in

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Service in 2023

January 3, 2021

Good hosting provider is one of the essential components of every WordPress website. Choosing a great hosting might improve your site’s SEO scores, loading speed and capacity.

In this post we wanted to outline some of the best WordPress hosting services that you can use for your site.

Best WordPress Hosting Services

Digital Octane develops WordPress websites for small and large businesses on a daily basis for a number of years already, so we understand the importance of picking the best WordPress hosting company.

There’s a numerous amount of different WordPress hosting service providers and it’s easy to get lost, so we decided to leave only three of them in this list and compared their main features:


Hostgator is a pretty affordable hosting provider which would cover all the needs of a simple WordPress website owner. It has decent 24/7 support, more than 8 million users and 1-click WordPress installation.

It is a very good choice for WP websites that don’t have much users yet, so if you’ll have less than about 200 users a day on your site, it would worth to go forward with this service.

Comparing to the ones below, HostGator is much cheaper, yet their service is of good quality.

Yet, HostGator is a shared hosting, so it has some disadvantages, such as:

  • It’s doesn’t provide everyday back-ups by default
  • Staging website functionality is not so good.
  • No Git integration
  • Support doesn’t always reply fast. Yet within a more or less reasonable timeframe.


Flywheel is a much more advanced and convenient WordPress hosting service. In opposite to Hostgator, it’s a so called “managed” WordPress hosting, which means it has much more functionality and features.

Though it’s price is higher than HostGator, it has the following functionality:

  • Every day back-ups
  • Easy to use, set up and manage staging sites
  • Integrations with Git – it’s possible to work using Git saving the whole commit history
  • In grants SSH access
  • Has a high-level and fast support service

From our point of view, Flywheel is the best hosting service to use in 2023 and it is worth to pay for.

More than that, it is extremely user friendly and you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what to do. It always guides you and has very good usability.


WPEngine is another bit pricey WordPress hosting service. It’s pretty advanced and has more or less the same features and functionality as Flywheel, so it is pretty good too.

One thing is that in comparison to Flywheel, it’s not very user friendly and sometimes you need to spend time to do things, but you’ll get used to it.

So these were the best WordPress hosting service providers in 2023 from our point of view. If you know some good services as well, drop us a line.

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