How to Improve Hemp SEO for Your Website

How to Improve Hemp SEO for Your Website

March 23, 2021

You don’t have to make big, expensive changes to your site to improve your hemp SEO. Making small, minor changes can help your hemp SEO and improve your search rankings. By making these relatively minor changes – explained below – you will not only improve your hemp SEO marketing, but increase online customer engagement with your business.

SEO experts understand that customer experience and engagement should be the top priorities for CBD websites. If you focus on how to improve customer engagement, you are on the right track when developing your hemp SEO plan.

It is important to understand that if website visitors to your online store are only window-shopping – that is, they are not doing anything – it is likely that your CBD search ranking will be negatively impacted. The reason is that search engines exist to give the searcher the best response to their search question.

If Google decides that one of your competitors provides better, more relevant answers to questions, your business loses. It is possible to fix the problem, and the list below will help you make the necessary changes to ensure you are not giving customers to your competitors. The key is to improve user engagement and doing that will improve your hemp SEO.

First Things First

To understand how to increase your hemp SEO, you must first understand user engagement. Think of it this way: user engagement is when a visitor to your site does something. Like we said before, it is NOT window shopping – just looking around. They have to DO something. There are three basic things a prospective customer might do on your hemp website.

Customer Action

The first thing a customer can do is to take an action on your website. You can check your click-through rate by looking at your website’s Google Analytics. You must check two things: the click-through rate from organic searches and the click-through rate when customers are searching on your site. If your hemp SEO is getting you to page one for relevant search questions, you are doing well. Your click-through rate will be high.

To get the best click-through rate you obviously need to be on the first page of SERPs. You need to make sure your site is giving potential customers what they want. This means giving them the answers to their questions and relevant, engaging content. You should add SEO blogs with content tailored to fit your strategy. The goal is for your blog articles to show on page one for hemp keywords. You also need to optimize your SEO in terms of titles, blog copywriting, and blog meta descriptions.

Doing this will persuade your prospective customers to click through to your website. Remember that users have to find you before they can engage with you. They do this by using a search engine.

When you have CBD visitors on your site, there are some things you can do to improve engagement. Make sure your copywriting is well-written and persuasive. Make sure the content is engaging and tailored to your potential customers’ needs. It might be informational or educational, but it must be interesting. Think about visual elements like videos and navigation.

Doing these things will improve the chances of customers spending time reading or watching your content. They might visit your online store. They might buy something. Regardless, the more time that you can keep a customer on your site and the more things they do (watch videos, read blogs) the more likely that your hemp SEO ranking will improve.

Off Website Action

The second thing a customer can do is take an action off your website. Yes, you can have user engagement without a customer visiting your site. For example, user engagement can happen when there are links to the content on your site or when your hemp content is shared on other platforms. If someone uses your content as a source in an article on their website, the backlink will add credibility and relevance to your website, helping to improve your SEO. Moreover, customers who like your articles may share links on social media. This does not factor into your ranking, but it is an obvious driver of website traffic. Any time your content is shared it is good for your business and helps your hemp SEO directly or indirectly.

Dwell time

The third thing a customer can do on your site is to stay there. It is called “dwell time” and is measured by how long a customer spends on a page after clicking-through from a search result before returning to the original search. It is really important that users spend a lot of time on your website. Your benchmark should be 0:45 to 3:00+. Google use dwell time to measure if the website has answered the question posed by the searcher. Check your Google analytics to see how your site is doing for time spent by customers on your site.

Hemp SEO Improvements You Can Make Now

Have a fast-response, high speed website

An Unbounce study showed that slow landing pages are a great way to lose customers. 50% of users say they aren’t likely to buy anything if your site is slow, and a quarter will leave and find a faster website. People have little patience when waiting for a page to load and they won’t wait. This is true for people using any device.

Fix hemp SEO technical errors

If customers shopping online experience a technical problem, they are very likely to leave a half-full cart and go to another site. We have all done it before. We want to spend some money and the business doesn’t seem to want to take it. We don’t wait long. Another amazing but true fact is that some page one ranking results lead to broken links.

Can you imagine? All that work to get a page one result and all the customer sees is “webpage can’t be found”. The lesson is to make sure the URL’s in your links are correct. Update them if they change. Don’t waste your time, effort and money by being sloppy. You don’t want frustrated customers.

Give your customers a choice

People learn, think, and act differently. They respond to different things and they respond in different ways. Some people have a preference for visual material, others prefer to read content. Some want to navigate using a thoughtful menu, others never use a menu and click-through via images. Some won’t contemplate staying on your site if they can’t get all the information they need by watching a video.

Savvy hemp SEO marketers will think about these things when creating their content. There are many ways to give potential customers different options when engaging with your content. You can use well-written, informative blog articles, graphics, and well-produced, relevant informative videos. You should always have a good combination of content to ensure that you engage with as many of your potential customers as possible. You should also measure what works to drive engagement and improve your hemp SEO rankings.

Internal website links

Part of your hemp SEO should include a strategy to engage your users. One key factor is making sure it is easy for potential customers to find the content they need. If you optimize your internal website links, you are on the right track. On way to do this is to link to previous blog articles when you refer to them in a new blog article. Then add links to the new article in the older blogs. These reciprocal links are a simple but very effective way to improve your hemp SEO.

Site search options

If a user lands on your site to buy something but cannot find it, they will go back to the search listings and look for it somewhere else. It’s not rocket science. That’s what happens. You are throwing money away if you have this problem, but having a website search option can eliminate it. Having a search option on your site will improve the UX on your site and obviously makes the user experience much more satisfying. Another benefit is that you can use the data collected from your site searches to add to and improve your content. It should be another important component of your hemp SEO strategy.

Calls to action

Your calls to action must be clear and they must be appropriate. Don’t bludgeon your potential customers with prompts and offers all of the time. Sometimes customers have landed on your page not knowing who you are or anything about your business. Maybe they just wanted some information. You have done the first part right – you have a potential new customer – why do you want to scare them away? Customers should not have to fight their way through offers and “sign-ups’ for this and that to get to the content that is relevant to them. You won’t increase engagement; you will drive them away.

Your hemp SEP strategy should be to include high quality, blog content relevant to hemp and CBD that targets the top of the funnel – customers who want information but may not necessarily want to buy right now. Include a call to action in content at the top of the funnel that targets customers in the middle of the funnel. Content in the middle of the funnel should direct customers who want to buy to a call to action – and offer, discount etc. – at the bottom of the funnel. Think about what this does to your click-through rate. Your customers are being engaged and your hemp SEO is on track.

Email Newsletters

Email remains a great way to improve your hemp SEO. People check their email many times per day. Some research suggests they check it up to 20 times per day. Mobile phones now make it easy and, if you think about, you probably check yours quite a few times each day. If you send relevant content to a customer’s inbox, it is highly likely you will get many of these customers to return to your site.

Firstly, give customers an option to subscribe to your newsletter. Have a subscription box or exit pop-up on your site or use other lead generation tools to obtain email addresses. Send newsletter links in emails and make sure the content is targeted. Doing this is a sure-fire way to improve your hemp SEO and improve customer engagement.

Need Help?

If you have difficulty implementing all the tasks associated with optimizing your hemp SEO, we can help you. Our team of highly experienced individuals are expert at making sure your hemp SEO strategy drives improvements in all areas of your CBD business. We are just a phone call away and would love to talk to you about your requirements.

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