How to achieve great SEO results for your CBD Company in 2023

January 2, 2021

Did you know that you can easily get the content on your website ranked quicker if you use SEO? No matter how good your website is, you still need SEO for a CBD website if you want to be indexed and ranked on the major search engines. This is your website’s main job: to attract potential customers by pulling in traffic.

Customers will use search engines to look for CBD products, and if you’ve used SEO for CBD correctly, they’ll be directed straight to your site. SEO really is one of the most potent marketing methods you can utilise in your digital marketing. We’ve put together a few pointers to help get your CBD company on the first page of potential customers’ search results.

We’ll be upfront with you from the beginning – SEO for CBD or any other product or service does not work instantly. It will not generate short term sales but it will certainly increase your site’s visibility and direct traffic to it.

1. Let’s talk about your SEO for CBD content strategy first.

With good quality, optimized content and great CBD website design you can increase visits to your site by over 250% in a year. Remember, what’s important isn’t just creating great content. You have loads of blog posts being uploaded every single day to compete with. It’s not true that just publishing post upon post will lead to higher rankings and increased site visitors. If only it were that easy! You have to be linkworthy – your posts have to shine and earn links.

So, what’s a good strategy?

  • It’s vital to prioritize simpler content and themes as opposed to having highly technical articles that are too difficult for most customers.
  • Check which keywords and themes fit with CBD marketing. There are plenty of tools online to do this. You need to be looking at things like which words get a high search volume.
  • You also need to utilize content layering with optimized internal linking. Basically, this means piling middle funnel content over bottom funnel content. You do this by blogging about relevant topics that can link within your website because of common themes. By doing this, your website gets built in a way that’s easy for customers to read and search engines to find.
  • You want to aim at top and middle of the funnel readers and give them information about all the positive things CBD can do for their lives such as improving their health.
  • Focus on improving your site’s domain authority rating because if it’s low, it will be more difficult to get your content indexed fast. Before you worry about ranking on the first page of searches, focus on this. You can better your CBD site’s domain authority by adding good quality, informative, fresh CBD content on an ongoing basis. It must provide the answers to the questions that potential customers type into the search engine. Your domain authority rating gets increased when many people come to your website, stay and absorb the information, click on internal links to read more and share it.
  • If your domain authority is low, ensure that you ask your web developer about a sitemap. It’s a list of your site’s pages in the correct format so that search engines can access it. This is a vital piece of the SEO for CBD companies. When you give this map to Google and other search engines, you are basically saying to them, “Hey, come and crawl these pages and then index them because they’re great landing pages for all those CBD search questions you get!”

2. Now let’s look at how links benefit your SEO for CBD

SEO operates better if you have lots and lots of links, both internal and external. Remember, Google’s original construction was based on links. A site’s importance was decided by the other sites that were linked to it. It’s a fact that sites with articles using at least a few internal links gain more rankings on the first page of searches than ones that only used sitemaps. What helps you to do this is when your content follows a common theme so it can all be interlinked. For instance, adding links from old blog posts to new ones gets them indexed quicker.

3. Make use of social media to help your SEO for CBD marketing

Over the last couple of years, a new marketing trend has occurred via social media. If you post new content on your website that gets a fair amount of social feedback such as likes and shares, this content can end up on page one very quickly. By using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get your blog posts noticed, it can add to the traffic streaming into your website. Sure, these social shares do only provide a short-term boost but it all helps.

4. Optimize your meta tags to improve your SEO for CBD

Optimizing these can definitely help your CBD site to be indexed quicker on Google. The main ones for your purposes are the title tag and the meta description tag.

– Optimize them by using keywords and phrases. Potential customers tend to choose listings that contain the keyword they just looked for. Ensure you have the correct ones especially in your title and description.
– Optimize them by getting people curious. Get people to click on your title because they want to find out more. For example, “Advantages of using CBD oil” is boring. You can use the same keywords in a more interesting way: “Unbelievable advantages of CBD oil in just one week!”

5. Let us help get your CBD company growing!

We’ve covered just a few top tips for improving your CBD company’s SEO. They may be simple, but they are effective. If you’re unsure about how to put this SEO for CBD marketing plan into action, we can help you with things like submitting sitemaps, internal linking and using social media. It’s important to utilize all of these strategies together to get the most benefit. Feel free to contact our experienced team if you want help with your SEO for CBD marketing strategy.

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