WordPress Custom Theme Development scaled

WordPress Custom Theme Development

December 10, 2019

More and more small and medium business owners choose WordPress CMS for developing their website. Why is it the most popular CMS at the moment and why should you consider WordPress custom theme development instead of third-party themes you can buy on stocks such as themeforest?

We’ll try to explain in which cases you might consider using it and why exactly custom wordpress theme development is good for your website and it’s future growth.

Custom WordPress themes are highly optimized because they don’t have unnecessary code and perfectly fit your designs and requirements. Unlike with third-party themes, it’s possible to use pixel-perfect approach with no limitations when developing a custom theme. Such themes are always fully responsive and look great on all types of devices, they are:

  • easy to manage and maintain
  • loading very fast, so you don’t lose users
  • mobile friendly
  • SEO-optimized, ranks better in search results

Custom WordPress theme development

Dynamic website content

When developing a custom theme, custom fields can be used for all of the content on the website. So there’s no hard-coded content and after development part is done, you can easily access wordpress dashboard and edit all the content by yourself.

High loading speed

Speed is crucial for every website, whether it’s a blog or an E-Commerce website, users want to access it fast and don’t wait for it to load. So the faster your website is loading, the less users and clients you lose.

More than that, it affects your search rankings as well, because Google and Bing like optimized sites and rank them higher in search results, so a fast website gives you more clients from search engines.

In the process of developing a custom wordpress theme, we keep in mind all the aspects to improve loading speed, such as:

  • hosting and server configuration
  • image optimization
  • caching
  • script minification

Responsive design

Most of the users are now using mobile devices for browsing web pages. It’s essential to provide the best experience for small screens and a custom theme allows to do that. All the pages of your website would look great and optimized on mobile.

Seo optimized

Custom WordPress themes doesn’t have unnecessary code that every third-party theme has. Because of that, it’s much easier for search engine bots to crawl through your website’s code and find content and focus keywords.

If you have lots of great content, but you’re struggling in the rankings, then it could be because your website isn’t well optimized, custom development will help you solve that issue.

Do you have a custom WordPress development project?

If you need a team of professionals to create a custom WordPress website for you, we at Digital Octane would be happy to hear from you and discuss all the details of your project to propose the best solution and get to work.

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