Factors to Consider When Designing a CBD Website

6 Factors to Consider When Designing a CBD Website

September 5, 2022


Website development remains an essential digital marketing strategy to make your Cannabidiol (CBD) business grow. Besides, web design has become the most pivotal part of any business’s identity and branding. Likewise, you will agree that a CBD business without a well-designed website is bound to lose out on multiple opportunities in this digital-ridden era. Even so, when designing a CBD website, you must keep some vital factors in mind to improve quality and make the best out of your CBD website services. Here, we will extensively examine six key factors to consider when designing a new CBD website.

First, let’s explore why your new CBD business needs a website or the importance of including a proper CBD website design in your plan for a new business.

Importance of CBD Websites

In today’s digital world, consumers no longer have to go to physical stores to buy goods. Instead, they can order and purchase their essential needs online through smart gadgets in several comfort zones. As such, the advent of the internet having far more widespread reach than other forms of advertising justifies the need for every business to establish a solid online presence.

Thanks to growing awareness of CBD products’ health benefits and the favorable regulations guiding their sale and distribution, the CBD market is booming and continues to attract more investors and entrepreneurs. For this reason, the competition in this industry has grown out of the ordinary recently, with many CBD companies striving to reach more customers.

Notwithstanding, designing a quality CBD website for your already established or startup CBD business remains a vital strategy to gain a strong online presence. Also, implementing this CBD website with the right practices will help grow your business beyond expectations. Check the benefits of designing a CBD website for your company below:

  • Quality Website Improve Credibility and Build Trust

Every business must showcase credibility and build trust with its target customers. Besides, many customers question the legitimacy of companies that do not have websites nowadays. For instance, in the CBD industry, where there are trendy skeptics about what CBD-infused products are legal, CBD consumers expect authentic and reliable CBD companies to have a website and social media accounts to clear all doubts.

Hence, designing a quality CBD website will help relay expertise and trustworthiness to your target customers. Additionally, there are great chances that several other CBD businesses offer the same product or service related to yours in the vast CBD market. So, maintaining a professional and well-designed website can help you stand out from this wide-ranging competition.

  • CBD Website Drives CBD Organic Traffic

Of course, designing an attractive CBD website will help your business draw CBD organic traffic. But then, implementing effective CBD search engine optimization (SEO) practices make it even better. With the CBD SEO approach, you can enhance your website ranking on search engine result pages. That way, when a potential customer searches for CBD products or services related to your brand, your business becomes more visible, thus driving more visitors to your CBD website. This also allows you to gain a wider customer base.

  • Well-Designed Website Generates Leads and Increases Sales

The main reason for establishing an online business is to make sales, and website development remains one of the best ways to guide your customers to make purchases. With proper CBD website design and optimization, web users can gather information about your products, services, values, or company, find your contact details and engage your posts or offers. The website will also enable your customers to make orders and appropriate payments.

So, once your CBD website ranks high on notable search engines like Google, the high click-through rate drawn to your website will boost your online sales. Furthermore, you can also use plugins to generate sales funnels to augment your sales conversions and reduce abandoned carts. Even though maintaining websites regularly incurs added costs, investing your time and money in your CBD website will yield a substantial ROI in the long run.

  • CBD Website Promotes Brand Awareness

If you want your target audience to know about your CBD business and what it represents, create a quality CBD website design. An effective website will help your CBD company build an online presence by establishing your brand image even in the rigid competition. Subsequently, this will promote brand awareness by displaying your business to potential customers. Moreover, a good CBD website provides accurate and consistent information to customers, which helps set your business apart from the growing competition.

  • Good CBD Website Improves Customer Experience

Yes, your website’s quality and user-friendliness impact your sales conversion rate. You’ll find that companies that properly design and maintain their website tend to accrue higher patronage at the end of the day. The reason is not far-fetched. These companies prioritize their customer experience. So, when developing your e-commerce CBD website, you must consider your target audience’s experience.

You can integrate web applications with dynamic user interfaces, allowing the sections for reviews and end-user interactions. Further, you can also add contact details or information, address, and links to your social media accounts where your online visitors can easily detect them. Put together, these website features will help provide a seamless customer experience to better connect with your company and increase your chances of securing a loyal customer base.

Key Features and Factors to Consider When Designing a CBD Website

There’s no doubt that you want your CBD website to effectively showcase your brand’s credibility while conforming with the needs and expectations of your target CBD consumer. Consequently, a few questions usually come to mind when designing a CBD website for your recently established or ready-to-launch CBD business.

Should I give precedence to the mobile or desktop version of my website? What CBD content format is most suitable? How do I handle website accessibility and CBD reviews? What are the frequently asked questions relating to my CBD brand? What font, animation, or themes best line up with my CBD brand? Is customer age verification necessary?

Largely, these questions and many others in mind can make it challenging to monitor and ensure you make the best choice in each area of website design. Aside from this, there are high chances that you pay less attention to some vital areas during the CBD website, possibly due to the lack of expertise or while attempting to keep up with your budget. Likewise, note that not all trends in e-commerce website design assure higher conversion rates or an appealing user experience.

So, we strongly suggest you consult a professional website development agency to facilitate the design of a hitch-free website for your CBD business. With our cutting-edge technologies and highly praised expertise at Digital Octane, we assure quality CBD website design and development services that will suit all your specific needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features and factors to consider when designing a CBD website.

1. Mobile Responsive Website

Perhaps, one of the trendiest factors when designing a CBD website is to ensure the site is responsive and attractive on mobile phones and other smart gadgets. In fact, web analytics indicated that mobile shopping accounted for over 50% of all online transactions and projected that the global internet traffic from mobile phones will increase to 58.6% by 2025.

In simplified terms, we can say that more than half of your CBD company’s target customers use their mobile devices to make purchases online. Besides, notable search engines like Google ranks mobile-optimized website first on their result pages rather than website pitched to desktop computers. Therefore, if your website isn’t functional on mobile devices, you may lose out on some potential sales. That being the case, it is pivotal that you design your CBD website to be readily accessible and responsive on all mobile gadgets. More specifically, you must ensure that your website content, especially images, automatically adapt to whatever mobile device is accessing your site to provide a seamless user experience.

2. User-Friendly Design

When designing a CBD website, you must also focus on user experience. This is because user experience constitutes another pivotal factor in website ranking. For instance, Google provides the best experience for web users by ranking websites that are easy to navigate or unambiguous and that visitors can use for specific goals at the top.

Therefore, you must simplify your CBD website design to appeal to web users. Below are some tips to make your CBD website design more user-friendly:

  • Integrate concise titles or headlines, easy-to-navigate filters, menus, categories, and catchy calls to action. These features make it much more straightforward for customers to order and buy your CBD products;
  • Optimize your website speed;
  • Remove invalid links;
  • Use fast CBD payment processors.

3. User-Generated CBD Reviews

To a large extent, online reviews and ratings influence online businesses’ reputations and are also vital search ranking factors. In addition, due to the recent irregularities surrounding the CBD industry, many customers rely heavily on online CBD reviews before making a purchase decision. Thus, creating an acquisition platform for user-generated CBD reviews is pivotal when designing a CBD website.

Don’t get discouraged by the possibility of receiving negative reviews, as they also offer certain beneficial effects. For instance, user-generated negative CBD reviews help add more authenticity and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers, give you personal insights, and connect keywords related to your CBD brand. Concisely, implementing user-generated CBD reviews in your website design provides various benefits, impacting your SEO and brand reputation.

4. Include FAQs About Your CBD Products

Generally, marketing regulated or controlled products or services online requires providing detailed information and building trust or confidence in prospective customers. This helps persuade them to patronize such products or services, especially when marketing cannabis products online. Unfortunately, as a cannabis-derived product, many consumers still have incorrect assumptions and negative perceptions about CBD-infused products, thus making it difficult for many CBD sellers to navigate the industry. For this reason, you must include additional information about CBD products on your website. You can apply this to your CBD website design by adding a noticeable segment for frequently asked questions (FAQs).

5. Age Verification

Even though CBD-infused products are legal in various regions, not all these products are suitable for every age. Nonetheless, neglecting the legal regulations, such as selling CBD products to underage, is perhaps the fastest way to get your business shut down or, in severe cases, face jail terms. Hence, to avoid the unwanted attention of regulatory authorities to your CBD business, you must incorporate an age verification application on your CBD website. As such, this feature will only permit customers that have successfully verified the accepted age to purchase your products.

6. Importance of SEO

We cannot overemphasize the need to implement good CBD SEO practices for your website. Virtually all the key factors to consider when designing a CBD website aims to boost the visibility of your CBD website. Proper SEO will examine all the nitty-gritty required to make your website rank higher on search engine results. This includes website speed, web page content, interactivity, and mobile friendliness.

Sometimes, organizations are hesitant to optimize their website because they feel they are not tech-savvy enough or do not understand how to manage a website. In other cases, some companies are more concerned about the cost of SEO but note that investing in proper CBD SEO offers more than you think. Once your quality CBD website ranks high, you can be sure of getting more organic traffic and sale conversions, while your optimized web content and layout keep your customers coming back for more.


Website development has become the order of the day. Business organizations without websites find it hard to survive unyielding competition nowadays, and the same applies to CBD companies. As a CBD entrepreneur, it is crucial that have a well-designed CBD website to attract more customers and increase sales. Hence, this article examined the key factors you must consider when designing a CBD website. Perchance you don’t know how to develop and design a proper CBD website. The good news is that we offer exceptional solutions.

At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development services. More so, if you need a CBD website that will appeal to customers worldwide, you are in the right place. So do well to reach out to us.

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