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OSO Northwest

What We Did

Web Development

About the company

OSO Northwest is a hemp topical product company committed to offering the most reliable hemp products available based in Oregon. The company makes it's own CBD Cream with a focus on Terpenes.


We designed the website based on the client's existing visual identity. There was a logo, color scheme, and font family that we used in the design process. We made a modern-looking design with the beauty industry websites in mind as a reference for the client to be able to make more cbd sales.

From the development side of things, it was implemented based on WordPress and WooCommerce as a custom theme. We always make sure that the website is fully optimized for loading speed and SEO and Custom Theme gives us a lot of advantages in that matter. We haven't used any third-party solutions for the front-end functionality, so it makes the website load fast and there is minimal maintenance required for the website.

The content on all pages is fully editable with a user-friendly interface.