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Table at 7

Table at 7 is an admirable restaurant located in Singapore and helmed by chefs Karl Dobler and Eugenia Ong. It results from 60 years of passion for diverse culinary experiences.

Table at 7

The Task

Our team was supplied with the design for the pages and the task of implementing the Reservation functionality. We were supposed to implement the designs using a pixel-perfect approach and with great responsiveness rates and speed optimization.

Table at 7

The Solution

Firstly, we inspected the mockups and came up with an idea to add the animations for various elements to make the user experience much smoother. We planned the work and made a schedule for the implementation.

Front-end for Tableat7 was implemented with the use of modern tools, such as preprocessors and minifiers to make sure that the website will be fully optimized and work as fast as possible.

Table at 7

On the back end, we used WordPress as a content management system. In the admin panel, the content management is made as flexible blocks, which could be easily created and moved around to build the pages. For that purpose, we used the Advanced Custom Fields functionality.

For the Reservations functionality, we utilized the existing features of Woocommerce and customized it to simplify the ordering process. This way it allowed us to use existing order functionality and any payment method existing in the Woocommerce system.
The products were used as elements in the menu and we created a dedicated page for them, so it is possible to make an order just from one page. The order process was also improved to take fewer steps for the customer to make the purchase.

When the development phase was completed, it was time for the testing phase. Our QA specialists tested every part of the website, did the functionality tests, and made sure that all the data is correctly displayed in the system.
Then after the testing, the website was published to the live domain.

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