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Real Estate

Zoom Casa

Zoom Casa is a company that offers services in the real estate industry. Buying and selling solutions and pre-sale home preparations.

Zoom Casa

The Problem

The client had the mortgage calculator based on the excel sheet. This way was not convenient for their clients in terms of user experience. It was decided to implement the solution as a custom multi-step calculator on the company’s website.

Zoom Casa

The Solution

As a first step, we studied the mortgage calculator that they had in Excel and created the technical specifications based on it, which the client confirmed. This way we were sure that implemented solution would meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Next, we created the wireframes and built a clickable prototype with them. This way it was possible to show how the solution will work on the website. The solution consists of a multi-step process with data inputs and the results page.

Zoom Casa

When the prototype was confirmed, we moved to the design phase. The client already had a website, so it was decided to use its visual identity. We implemented the visual guides in Figma and applied them to the wireframes. We made designs for desktop and mobile since a lot of traffic on the client’s website was from mobile devices.

The website was built on WordPress, which is one of the systems we use the most. For the development of the mortgage calculator, we decided to make a custom Worpdress plugin to keep the styles clean and implement a custom page template. For the multi-step process we used Javascript for the dynamic parts of it and calculations were made using PHP in the final step of the solution. 

There was an address field, which utilized Google services to create predictive address searches. At the end of the calculations we placed calls to action with Calendly integration, so it is convenient for the customer to book a call right away.

This way the user experience of the process was drastically improved. Before our solution, the user should have requested the calculations and the Excel was sent to the email with the instructions. With our solution, users can start the calculations right away and contact the client after.

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