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The DERO Project is a platform for developers to deploy secure, open, scalable, and privacy-preserving decentralized applications. DERO is unique because it values security and privacy above all else. As a result, users are able to transact privately over our network without fear of common protocol-level and network attacks. Additionally, the technology preserves transparency where required and scales with network load, which provides an ideal environment for business-class applications.


The Problem

The fast-paced startup required a website that would allow making changes in content and structure fast and easily.
The web 3.0 market is on the rise and it changes quickly, so you need to be able to adjust to it and respond to changes in a timely manner.
The website loading speed was also important for the client and the website was using lots of media, which makes it harder to provide good loading speed.


The Solution

For that purpose, we developed a custom WordPress-based website for DERO using an engineered by us framework, which heavily customizes the admin panel and uses the WordPress core as the backend.
For the speed optimization, our front-end developers used the best practices and lossless compression features to make the loading speed as fast as possible.


How We Did It

For the DERO project, we’ve been supplied with mock-ups from the designer, so the first thing on the to do list was to inspect them and make a technical document based on the client’s requirements. At Digital Octane we have a proven methodology and documentation process, which has shown its performance in years and decreased the number of possible amends or misunderstanding close to zero.

We inspected the mockups and asked questions. For example, for DERO it was necessary to make the website load fast, but at the same time, it was full of heavy imagery and videos. The implementation had to be pixel-perfect as well. So all those points were indicated in the document and then implemented accordingly.


For the content and structure editing, we made the specification document and conducted an interview with the client to make sure we’ll have all the crucial points indicated in the document. When the document was confirmed and we were sure that expectations are met, we launched the development phase according to the documentation.

When you plan ahead and do the specification it allows you to work steadily and manage the unexpected events easily.
On the backend side, we used our self-engineered framework, which allows us to implement a convenient content editing environment. So the client is now able to customize the website easily and fast.


When the front-end and back-end development was completed we did extensive QA testing on different platforms and devices. When all tests were passed, we launched the publication phase.

We do the publication according to the checklists and proven methodology to make sure that the live website is flawless. When a website is live, it is important to run some additional tests and make sure that SEO is covered as well.

Currently, the website is ranked first in Google on the company name request and shows good results in terms of loading speed.
We have this website on maintenance support and do the updates, backups, and other required work.

Ready for the next step?

At Digital Octane, we work with all kinds of clients, technologies and solutions and can take on various projects starting from small maintenance and adjustments for eCommerce websites and up to complex, high level web-application development using modern frameworks. We take the best care of any type of project and deliver you the best quality.