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5 Things to Pay Attention to when Developing and Designing the CBD Website

August 3, 2020

CBD and Hemp is a skyrocketing industry, which appeared just a few years ago and it continues to grow with no sign of stopping. More and more people start using CBD cproducts on a daily basis and it becomes commonly known among various groups of people.

If you want to get to action, now is the perfect moment. One of the main things you’ll need aside of a great product is a perfectly designed and developed website for your CBD business. Which must not only be visually appealing, but work best for your CBD business in terms of conversions and user experience.

What do you need to keep in mind developing a CBD website to increase your chances of success:

1. What is my target audience and what is the main value proposition?

The main thing you need to know here is what main value does your product give to your audience, and what exactly your audience is? Is your product for older people, or for younger generation? Do you want to sell it locally or worldwide? Is your CBD for relief or for enhancement?

It’s worth asking such kind of questions to yourself to build a brand that will meet people’s demand and make the design of the site according to it. It will help you in marketing and brand indentity as well.

2. Does the content of my website meet all the federal and local regulations on CBD products?

There are different rules and regulations for CBD in different states and countries. You need to make your website content compliant to these regulations to avoid lots of headache later on. If you are a dropshipper, ask your supplier, if it’s your own brand, get the service of a lawyer, if it’s possible.

The main pages to care about are: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and FDA Disclosure.

3. What is the best E-Commerce solution for your online CBD business?

One you are ready to develop a website, it’s time to choose the perfect CMS solution for your CBD business. There’s a lot of them on the market, but the one that will fit your needs best depends on your particular needs and requirements. For most of the cases WordPress would work great, for some of them – Shopify, for most complex solutions and services it might make sense to use Laravel or some other framework.

4. Choose a hosting service and a domain for your CBD website.

When work on website design for your CBD business is done, you’ll need to find a reliable hosting solution. You need a one that will be up all the time with no downtime, work fast and seamlessly and deliver best experience for your clients not distracting them from purchasing your CBD products. The domain name is also important, it’s what your clients will see in search results along with your brand name. Try finding a domain from available .com ones that will include the name of your brand, it must be a top-level domain to get the best result for your SEO.

5. Choose the most convenient Payment Processor option.

There’s a lot of payment processors, but not all of them currently work with CBD. Among the ones who do are such companies as: PayPal, Square, AuthorizeNet and some other ones. Try choosing a one who has better commission rates and API integration, so it would be easy to connect it to your website. We listed some of the pros and cons of most famous payment processors here.

At Digital Octane, we can help you guide through all these questions and more. We’ve built multiple websites for CBD Brands around the world and would be glad to use all of our extensive experience to provide you with the best digital solution. Reach us out anytime and we’ll be glad to discuss the details and get to work. Also, you can check the website packages we provide for CBD companies.

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