CBD Logo Design Tips – Complete Guide

CBD Logo Design Tips – Complete Guide

April 21, 2022


In recent years, alternatives of modern medicine have become more popular. The CBD products especially have had an important impact in society, as a nice amount of different diseases and symptoms can be relieved or even cured with CBD products. It certainly affected the commercial market, as a wide range of companies has been established, to promote and sell CBD products. However, to expand and sell CBD, you need to know some special things. It is extremely important to follow laws, rules and regulations applicable in most countries. And the most important objective is CBD branding. So, why and how to brand CBD products?

What is a brand and branding

A brand is a specific sign, which denotes a unique product or service belonging to a certain person.

The term was first coined in the Middle Ages, when special labels began to appear on products – these are prototypes of modern logos.

Branding is a series of planned and connected actions that are aimed at creating a positive image of a certain brand.

The main purpose of branding is to create a unique, and essentially – a strong image of a particular brand. The strategy contains the creation of name, slogan, logo and other design details (e.g., certain symbols and color palette), that can be distinguish a company from others. The main goal of brand creation and development is to increase customer loyalty.

The role of CBD branding

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, – is a natural extract of cannabis or usual hemp. It can be extracted in different ways, and it is sold in the form of oil, capsules, paste, cream or tea. Unlike cannabis, cannabidiol is allowed to buy and sell and does not require a policy of tolerance.
CBD products are disseminated meteoric market share. However, creating the perfect CBD branding is a big challenge.

You can draw attention to a start-up project by developing a memorable brand advertising campaign. Your brand is what other people say about you.

The good news is that you can influence these conversations – if you know exactly who you are and how you can use it.

Don’t copy the promotion tactics of other companies, create your unique way to become popular.

The cannabis market is not just marijuana, known for its relaxing properties. In addition to the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the “high” condition, cannabis plants contain more than 100 other active components. For example, cannabis oil containing cannabidiol (CBD) has anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used as a food supplement in the United States. The diversity of cannabis properties and the growing infrastructure around it have attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and investors around the world for years. For this reason, no matter what your brand focuses on, your CBD logo should reflect that.

As the cannabis industry grows, creating a website is a great idea. The design of the website includes useful features and attractive content, combined together to form a site. And we are here to reveal all aspects of this issue.

How to start

As we can see, cannabis becomes an important part of the treatment, more and more companies are trying to expand their online presence to stand out in the market. Suppose you’re one of them, but you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips:

1. Form a slogan

Highlight the key factors that will become the main slogan of the company and the voice of the brand. The easiest way is to write down every word that comes into your head when you think about yourself and your business. Write all the words, highlight three key, which will describe the atmosphere in the company. Consumers should be able to feel the spirit of the company.

2. Select a company name

The name should be short, laconic, unique and, preferably, should inculcate certain associations.

3. Describe the mission of the company

The mission is a basic element affecting the company’s internal culture and future promotion strategy. Your product, slogan, values and aspirations must be directly related to the mission.

4. Pack the moodboard

Create a folder with images that are associated with your project. For example, you can create a brand board on Pinterest and search images by keywords that are related to your business.

5. Make up your mind with colors

Using of bright colors and shades is a good way to create an attractive CBD logo. In CBD branding, we recommend using green as the color scheme of the brand. In this way, it will demonstrate the environmental perspective to the audience. It is very important to create a high-quality image of plants and amazing animation.

Lack of complex details, concise lines, simple shapes – this trend in CBD logo design gained recognition a couple of years ago and remains effective.

Be inspired by the CBD design websites and create a website that will increase your brand’s online opportunities.

When your product is unique, it can help tell a specific story of your brand and give the consumer a good reason to buy.

6. Create your own CBD logo

Creating a logo, designers are guided by a simple rule «The simpler, the better».

The logo should be associated with the key slogan of the brand and be combined with the color palette of the brand. Any logo is a person who must comply with 3 criteria: simplicity, relevance and uniqueness. Allow for changes of size and colour. It is better to attract an experienced person or team to create a logo. A CBD logo developer can help your brand create a truly unique product that is 100% consistent with brand values.

The CBD logo is sometimes placed on avatars of companies on social networks, on application icons. And it is important that the symbol in any size remains recognizable.

The logo is the first thing the buyer sees in your brand. So you need to make sure that it provides conceived effect. Every detail of the logo, whether it be shape, design, font or color, affects the perception of the company by the audience.

Popular libraries for logo design:

7. Choose your own typography

The CBD logo is placed on different backgrounds. Think about color variations that will look good. The font has a direct influence on the client’s perception of the level of reliability and professionalism of the company.

Before you choose the appropriate font, you will have to review dozens or even hundreds of options. Talking about fonts, we should always keep in mind the basics of a graphic message: readability and work. Typography should be legible, so that the message can be transmitted effectively and at the same time works within the framework of the graphical language used. It is important to be in accordance with characteristics that we strive to present in our design.


CBD logo development is a complex process that needs to be carried out in stages. Today, it plays an important role in providing market recognition.

Keep in mind the main aspects of CBD logo development:

  • history and values of your business;
  • exploring your niche and competitors;
  • typography corresponding to the brand name;
  • selection of logo elements transmitting the right message;
  • using the right color as the brand color scheme.

To stay competitive or even shine in a highly competitive industry, an effective marketing strategy is needed. A good website is one of the best schemes to spread information about your brand. Attract more potential customers and let your brand shine in the cannabis industry.

At Digital Octane, we provide eCommerce website development for CBD sellers and CBD marketing, and support for CBD startup businesses. We will help you develop your cannabis business through industry-leading web design, marketing and SEO.

So if you need more information about the CBD development services we provide, come and join us, we will prove that we’re the best at what we do!

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