CBD Marketing: 10 best tips to promote your CBD Website

CBD Marketing: 10 best methods to promote your CBD Company in 2023

January 4, 2021

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for good tips on how to develop your brand through CBD marketing. It is without a doubt that the legalization of cannabis products in 2019 has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere. It is, after all, one of the hottest and fastest-growing trends. However, there are still imposed limitations that have an effect on CBD marketing.

Some major digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon have an extended list of restrictions for paid advertising. Since more than 60% of CBD sales happen online, it is imperative that you advance your skills in CBD marketing and learn how to work around these limitations.

Effective CBD marketing starts by having valuable organic content, sound cannabis SEO strategies, interactive websites, and attractive branding. Challenges that CBD business owners are facing are impossible advertising through paid acquisition and mainstream channels that are saturated. Now they are left wondering how to advertise their brand. This is where a professional cannabis advertisingĀ agency comes in. Unlike other marking firms, they are aware of the challenges involved in CBD marketing strategies and provide valuable input.

With that being said, whether you would like to use a CBD marketing agency or navigate your online CBD marketing strategies on your own, we will provide you with 10 of the best CBD marketing methods:

1. Influencer marketing

With this CBD marketing strategy, you use people who have the power to influence your target audience. They give recommendations and increase the visibility of your brand. Online or social media influencers can help you to build your brand’s credibility by giving personal reviews publically. Some added advantages of influencer marketing are that it allows you to keep your content fresh, improves SEO ranking by adding back-links and relevant cbd seo keywords, and generates sales.

Influencer marketing considers what’s trending on social media platforms and considers the online personalities who have many followers or a large audience. These influencers are seen on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They use these influencers to leverage the trust they have built with their followers to promote their brand. It is important to consider an influencer who is related to the CBD industry as they may have more power to promote your brand.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based approach where businesses and brands reward affiliates for each sale they make or customers they bring in. Affiliates use their own efforts to market your brand. There are affiliates who share the same passion as CBD business owners and aim to bring awareness to the benefits of CBD products. Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation and works like this: The CBD brand or company partners with affiliate marketers, then the affiliate partner promotes the hemp brand using their own sites, when a customer clicks on your cannabis product on their site, it is stored as a cookie on their computer. The customer is redirected to your CBD website where they purchase a product. Once the sale is confirmed, the SaaS platform or network will issue an agreed-upon commission to the affiliate marketer.

3. Native advertising

Native advertising does not look like an ad. It is designed to look like it is part of the page or feed on the platform that the person is using. This makes it an effective method since people feel less persuaded making them more inclined to view the ad and purchase the product. Examples of native advertising can be seen in an advert that comes up in their Facebook news feed, recommendations on an article you have read, or an ad listing on the top of your Google search results. Using native advertising as a method of CBD marketing will require you to follow the guidelines that the different platforms stipulate, making it a less straightforward method for CBD businesses. Working with a CBD advertising agency may help you to navigate the rules and regulations to see more successful outcomes of native cannabis marketing approaches.

4. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic CBD advertising uses an automation tool to help CBD brands optimize their advertising. Auctions use real-time bidding to accomplish this. Intelligent targeting is used to segment audiences, by doing this, CBD business owners only pay for ads for the right people at the right time. Algorithms are used to purchase and place ads in a way that suits your goals. It works by creating native ads from metadata. A user visits a website that creates space for an ad impression, then the supply side bids a request on behalf of the publisher. Next, the demand side responds with a bid and metadata metrics on behalf of the advertiser. The supply side then chooses the winning bid and your ad is displayed in real-time. An impression is guaranteed because your ad is target-specific.

5. CBD focused blogs

Paid advertising is not the only effective CBD marketing strategy. CBD focused blogs can be a great way to advertise your business. A CBD blog is the perfect place to educate your audience by providing accurate and valuable information on your marijuana products. This allows them to purchase products specific to their needs or desires. Additionally, this helps to create a connection with your customers and leads them to your website. Target people who are well qualified but uninformed about CBD products by writing on topics that people are interested in and are searching for. Some of these interests might include: What is a CBD and what is it used for? Where can I buy it? What are the risks involved with consuming cannabis products?

6. Content syndication and guest posting

Content syndication is a CBD marketing strategy where your content is republished by a third party site. However, you will still be given credit as the original author. The post will look like any other posts on the guest’s site. The difference is that pieces of the content appear elsewhere and is indicated on the page. Using content syndication for CBD marketing involves: syndicating the entire content on the guest site, editing shorter versions of the content as a representation on the guest site, or backlinking to your website in the original article.

Guest posting works by writing a blog for a related site or community blog. By sharing your content on this blog with a link to your website, you gain access to a new target audience. This CBD marketing strategy can be used to network and build relationships with other businesses, encourage SEO with backlinks, introduce your CBD brand to an already established community.

7. Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as consumers are finding them more informative and easier to access. In CBD marketing, high-quality and content specific podcasts are easy to produce. This allows CBD business owners to expose potential customers to their brand. This CBD marketing approach is a less saturated method, making fewer competitors for CBD business owners. You can use your podcast to talk about CBD legislation, relevant news, advancements in the industry, and real-time reviews about your CBD products. To create podcasts, you would need equipment that is easy to find and affordable.

Some tips you can use to launch your CBD podcast include:

  • Sticking to a topic
  • Making the purpose of your show clear
  • Setting up and testing equipment
  • Creating content strategies
  • Deciding who you can feature in your podcasts
  • Recording, editing, publishing, and launching your episodes to your audience
  • Promoting your podcast through other CBD marketing streams

8. Video Advertising and live streaming

Video advertising is a widely used marketing strategy and can be seen on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Snapchat. Using video advertising for CBD marketing has become a necessity. Video advertising is efficient and convenient for consumers. It is an easy and attractive way for CBD business owners to market their products. Video advertising has shown to have a far-reaching effect. The advantage of using video advertising for CBD marketing is that you can advertise on online platforms without the associated rules since video advertising is not a paid acquisition. Although CBD business owners may not have the freedom to monetize their CBD video using online platforms, they will still attract followers and bring attention to their CBD brand.

9. Local Partnerships and engagement

This marketing strategy involves collaboration between two businesses to create a campaign that is beneficial to both parties. This is a cost-effective strategy to market your CBD brand since it simply means getting involved with your local community. It is important to collaborate with brands that will compliment your CBD business.

Some tips for collaborating with local brands include:

  • Creating a system where your partner’s business can offer giveaways to their customers. You can do the same for their business.
  • Using social media to promote each other’s content.
  • Hosting a local event.
  • Using other creative strategies to play on each other’s strengths.

10. Connected TV advertising

Connected TV (CTV) is a television that connects to the internet. This includes streaming devices. With the rise in cord-cutters and millennials, CTV is becoming more popular. CTV offers functionality that incorporates programmatically available ads that engages with its users. CTV offers a more flexible CBD marketing strategy when it comes to content since it happens in a private marketplace. Additionally, it allows access to far more content than a cable provider. This CBD marketing approach gives marketers access to placements with fewer bidders increasing success rates.

Working with a CBD marketing professional

As it has been mentioned before, social networking platforms can make advertising CBD products challenging with their rules. There are, however, ways to overcome these boundaries and a CBD marketing specialist can help you to navigate these. They offer the ability for you to use combined content marketing to meet your target audience where they spend most of their time. A CBD marketer will offer you invaluable knowledge and help you to set up for success in your CBD marketing approach for your Website and help become a successful cbd vendor.

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