Can You Promote CBD on Instagram

Can You Promote CBD on Instagram?

September 13, 2022


For a long time, CBD companies have faced several challenges in advertising and distributing their products due to constraints from regulatory authorities. This further complicated social media’s stance toward advertising CBD products. However, the increasing favorable regulations guiding cannabis-derived products and the growing awareness of their health benefits in most regions have immensely contributed to a surge of enthusiasm in the CBD industry. Even so, navigating the odds edicts set by social media platforms like Instagram before advertising your CBD products is necessary. This article provides extensive information about how to promote CBD on Instagram.

First, let’s discuss the legality of promoting CBD on Instagram.

Is It Legal to Promote CBD on Instagram?

Before we delve into this, let’s discuss the irregularities surrounding CBD advertising and distribution on social media.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) constitute the major chemical compounds extracted from cannabis plants – hemp and marijuana. Even though both plants are cannabis plants, they contain varying amounts of THC. While hemp contains a minute amount of THC, marijuana has a more significant amount of THC. In the meantime, THC is the main psychoactive component that causes a high feeling when most people take marijuana.

Unfortunately, the negative perception of marijuana and its derivatives spilled heavily on CBD-infused products. Despite containing only minute amounts of THC, the European regulatory authorities barred the sale and distribution of CBD products, which also impacted digital advertising outlets. The Farm Bill passed in 2018 allows licensed manufacturers to sell CBD products legally in the United States. But then, this development is not as straightforward as it looks. Though selling CBD products is legal, specific restrictions guide their distribution. For instance, the U.S authorities specified that legal CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC and that anything above that threshold would be considered a marijuana product.

As a result, many social media platforms slowly approved the advertisement of CBD products even after its legalization. The reason is not far-fetched. With the CBD industry being a high-risk venture due to the stringent regulations, they risk being reprimanded or fined if legal issues arise in the future. But, over the last few years, some platforms approved CBD promotion at arm’s length, while some still don’t allow them to be advertised.

So, speaking of CBD advertising on social media, is it legal to promote CBD on Instagram? To be honest, there’s no straightforward answer to this because sometimes it gets tricky. Instagram is specifically strict about promoting healthcare products, including cannabis derivatives, within its community due to the risks posed by some of these products. Therefore, we strongly suggest you check the up-to-date terms and conditions before you promote CBD on Instagram.

Nonetheless, we have highlighted some current vital tips to bear in mind when advertising CBD on Instagram. Check them below:

  • Avoid Using the Word CBD; Use Hemp Instead

The FDA strongly frowns at the sale of marijuana in the guise of CBD. This is because the ease at which some dubious manufacturers adulterate their CBD products with THC and market them as CBD is quite alarming. Above all, Instagram owners understand their social responsibility to prevent promoting illegal products. Thus, Instagram’s policy does not allow using “CBD” in posts or hashtags to curb any illegal movement using CBD. Instead, they allow the use of “hemp” or “hemp oil.” Moreover, the laws guiding hemp and its products are more direct and legal in many countries.

  • Don’t Target the Younger Population

If you advertise CBD on Instagram to address the younger population, you risk getting your account blocked or, worse, facing legal consequences. This is to prevent the possibility of selling CBD-infused to the underage. Thus, ensure your content does not target minors when promoting CBD products.

  • Don’t Reflect Yourself as a CBD Seller

To successfully promote CBD on Instagram, it would be best if you do not reflect that you solely want to sell your products. Instead, make your posts or content informative and engaging. Besides, being too pushy to make sales can draw unwanted attention, possibly banning your account.

Advertising CBD on Instagram

In the world of today, social media has taken the spotlight. Recent web surveys indicate that more than half of the global population use at least one social media platform. So, it barely surprises that these digital tools now have far more widespread reach than other forms of advertising.

Even though developing a CBD website for your business remains essential, it is sometimes not enough. Many businesses leverage social media’s power to drive traffic, ultimately boosting sales, and CBD companies are no exception. After all, there’s no telling the huge number of potential deals some CBD companies miss by neglecting the use of social media. This is especially true considering the quality time prospective customers spend on these platforms.

When selecting the right social media platform to promote CBD to health-conscious individuals, Instagram, fondly called IG, ranks as one of the top choices. Today, Instagram is highly popular among young adults, especially those in their 20s and early 30s. Even so, it is increasingly becoming popular in the older populace, particularly those aged between 40 and 65.

As a result, generating massive followership on this platform can help drive quality traffic to your CBD business and improve your sales without actually advertising it. Aside from this, creating an Instagram account is easy and does not require any cost. However, note that accruing many authentic and active followers on Instagram may take much effort and time.

Top Efficient Ways of Promoting a CBD Business on Instagram

Promoting health products on Instagram differs from other products like clothing or kitchenware. As such, CBD advertising can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. With a little creativity and full compliance with the set rules, you can maximize the exposure of your CBD business to target customers. Here are some effective tips to promote your CBD business on Instagram.

1. Employ Non-paid Advertisements

Instagram’s policy prohibits paid advertisements for CBD businesses but allows regular posts that might feature your products. You must be cautious when advertising CBD, as posting illegal things can get your account shadowbanned. Remember, Instagram explicitly proscribed the use of CBD but allows CBD sellers to use hemp or hemp oil.

Thus, we suggest you share snippets from your website to downplay making unnecessary mistakes. To maximize this non-paid advertisement approach, you can request your active followers repost your content with branded hashtags. The more the reposts, the farther your content goes on IG’s social community. This will help reinforce your brand awareness, going miles to promote your company among a targeted audience. That way, you can drive more organic traffic to your CBD website and encourage target customers to purchase your products.

2. Post CBD-Relevant Content

Instagram currently allows you to post informative content about CBD without using the word CBD. Therefore, your post shouldn’t get deleted, provided it is not obscene. Content syndication remains an effective strategy to achieve this. You can post a few-worded content or share high-resolution pictures, infographics, or short clips related to your CBD brand to help attract more customers.

However, you must avoid repeatedly sharing the same content about your CBD products on Instagram and other social media platforms. It’s an unhealthy practice that can disrupt your engagement and brand reputation. So try to always come up with unique content or post content from third-party sources occasionally, as it adds more credibility to your profile.

Finally, note that Instagram allows one link per profile bio. So, you can paste a few tips on the health benefits of hemp in the description box of your attractive photo alongside a valid website link. This will help direct potential customers seeking more information to your website.

3. Utilize Hashtags

Don’t overlook the power of hashtags on Instagram! Localized hashtags can help your content gain more reach among your target audience. Thus, your brand will pop up when customers search for a product related to your company on their Insta feed. Additionally, hashtags are an excellent way to acquire user-generated content on Instagram.

You can leverage branded hashtags to boost your brand recognition. This hashtag must be uniquely linked to your company so that when your customers see it, they will recognize you in no time. You can use hashtags relevant to your company name, product, or location.

Aside from this, it would help if you considered linking your brand to popular hashtags to promote your content. Popular hashtags are trendy topics, so they come with larger views. You can find trendy hashtags with tools like Instagram Insights or Google Analytics.

4. Hire Influencers

Social media influencers are individuals with larger audiences or social reach, offering promotional services at an agreed fee. Thus, you can use this strategy to promote your CBD products on Instagram. But then, you must ensure the influencer is reliable and respected to attract the right customers to your products. Moreover, this approach will not only advertise CBD but also boost your company’s credibility.

5. Engage Your Followers

Instagram is a social space, so you must mingle with your local community. Your goal is to reach more customers, letting them know about what you have to offer. Therefore, establishing a strong online presence and connection with your audience will boost patronage while your quality service helps draw more customers. This increases your chances of securing a loyal customer base with fewer advertisements.

Again, informative content will go a long way in engaging your follower. You can also repost content from other local businesses to boost your online reputation. Conduct questions and answer sections, create polls, run live videos, develop an attractive profile page, and most importantly, strive to get more comments and likes from viewers.

Importance of CBD Website for Your Startup Dropshipping Business

Yes, using the dropshipping model for your startup CBD business offers exquisite flexibility in terms of investment, scalability, location, and range of CBD-infused products you can market. However, developing a CBD website for your business offers more substantial benefits. Check the significance of designing a website for your dropshipping CBD business below:

  • CBD Website Enhance Credibility

Today, there are trendy skeptics about what CBD-infused products are legal, so many customers question the legitimacy of companies that do not have websites or social media profiles. Moreover, CBD dropshipping businesses without websites even raise more doubts in the mind of potential customers. Thus, designing a quality CBD website for your company will help showcase credibility and expertise to your target customers.

  • CBD Website Improve Customer Experience

With a proper CBD website, you can integrate web applications with dynamic user interfaces that allow reviews and end-user interactions for your CBD dropshipping company. Further, you can also add your company’s contact details or information and links to your social media accounts. Employing these website features will help provide a seamless customer experience and help you secure a customer base that keeps coming back for more.

  • CBD Website Increases Sales

Designing a CBD website remains one of the best ways to guide your customers to make purchases from your dropshipping CBD business. With proper CBD website design and optimization, online customers can gather information about your products, find your contact details and engage your posts or offers. Additionally, you can integrate suitable CBD payment processors on your website to enhance fast payments. This helps reduce abandoned carts and boost sales.


The CBD industry faces unique challenges, especially the stringent regulatory framework that has impacted the sale and promotion of its products through digital advertising outlets. While some social media platforms have taken a restrictive stance against CBD advertising, some other platforms, like Instagram, allow the promotion of CBD products with specific guidelines.

Hence, this article provides a detailed look at how to promote CBD on Instagram. In addition, we examined the top effective way to promote your CBD business on Instagram. Again, you must check Instagram’s current terms and conditions on CBD before advertising your products. We also pointed out that designing a CBD website is an essential marketing strategy to strengthen your startup dropshipping business. Don’t miss out on its advantages.

At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development services. So, if you need a CBD website for your dropshipping business, you are in the right place. Moreover, we can also handle linking your media profile on Instagram to your CBD website with the appropriate button. Do well to reach out to us today!

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