Email Marketing for Cannabis How to Do It Right

Email marketing for cannabis: How to do it right

May 20, 2022

The cannabis industry in the United States is gaining momentum: marijuana is added to food, cosmetics, and medicines. And yet, it faces serious problems when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing for cannabis.

There are a huge number of methods you can use to promote your cannabis business. These methods generally apply to offline marketing and CBD digital marketing.

Offline CBD Marketing Methods

This may be the most traditional marketing method, but it is still one of the most effective. Word of mouth works wonders, as you may already know people in your family or circle of friends who might be consuming CBD products. The best thing about word of mouth is that it’s free, making it perfect for cannabis-related startups.

Billboards and Posters

Unlike word of mouth, billboards and posters have a price that depends on where the advertisement is placed. The agreement is to compare the costs with the expected coverage. Most of the posters and billboards are aimed at local regions.

But in densely populated areas, a square kilometer can attract thousands of potential customers. As mentioned earlier, you should also check out the law on cannabis-related posters or billboards in the region.

What is CBD Digital Marketing?

In the modern world, the ways of influencing a potential consumer are rapidly changing. One of the most popular in recent years has become digital marketing.

By digital marketing, also called online marketing, we mean creating and distributing content across digital media channels such as websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. It is used at all stages of interaction with consumers in the B2C and B2B sales. An integrated approach allows using the most effective channels of promotion.

Main Benefits of CBD Digital Marketing:

  • providing consumers with information on the Internet about goods and services using search engine optimization (SEO);
  • communication by the company using social networks to get closer to consumers and increase their level of loyalty;
  • researching customer feedback (reviews);
  • provides a greater degree of attribution so that marketers know which tactics truly drive growth;
  • it’s typically easier to amend digital marketing tactics if your goals change.

Digital marketing methods are actions that are carried out when implementing a marketing strategy to achieve goals in the Internet. In a company there is a need to introduce different methods of digital marketing if it is necessary to attract new customers or to increase the level of sales. Ideally, every company should work with all digital marketing channels and choose the most effective set of basic and advanced tools.

Digital marketing has different types. The choice of a tool for promoting a product, service or brand depends on them.

CBD Digital Marketing Methods

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

One of the most successful digital marketing techniques for CBD marketing is search engine marketing (SEO), which involves targeting search engine bots with keywords related to your cannabis business.

There are several ways to implement your CBD SEO marketing. You can use CBD SEO backlinks, link content from your site to other sites, or vice versa. To increase the credibility of your cannabis website, always make sure you only link to reputable websites.

Another practical SEO strategy that you can implement is to use local SEO where you target potential customers in your city or region. You can achieve this through your website at Google My Business or by mentioning CBD-focused directories like WeedMaps. This way your company will be visible on Google Maps and your customers will be able to easily find you. You can also implement local SEO by optimizing long-term geo-referenced keywords.

Social Media CBD Marketing

Social media has made it incredibly easy to create a group or page and create a network. What makes social media CBD marketing different from most other digital marketing methods is that it is completely free. Even for paid advertising, bids are usually significantly lower where the general public sees it.

However, please be aware that different social media platforms have rules regarding the nature of the content you can post on their websites. Therefore, always find out in advance whether you can promote your CBD business on the platform or not. Platforms like Weedable are a great place to start. You may also want to consider reaching out to social media influencers.

Content Marketing

Some marketers see content marketing as a broader use of SEO, but it can provide much more opportunities, than just attracting a large number of customers to the site. While content is a basic part of any SEO strategy, it is also a useful way to build relationships with the target audience. Through relevant and interesting content there is an opportunity to turn any visitor into an ambassador of their brand.

SMS and Email Marketing for Cannabis

SMS ans email marketing for cannabis are often more effective than social media CBD marketing as they mostly target people who have already shown interest in your products. Usually these are previous clients. SMS  and email marketing for cannabis is also a great way to drive customer engagement so you can build long-term relationships with existing customers.

For your SMS and email CBD marketing efforts to succeed, you need to create a platform where your customers can subscribe to notifications. This will help you focus on the right people to target your marketing campaigns.

About 66% of any company’s customers check their email every morning. One of the advantages of email marketing for cannabis is that the database includes contacts of people who have already been acquainted with the brands and offers of the company, which means that the chance of their response is higher.

Types of CBD Marketing Emails to Support Your Business

1. Welcome Letter

The welcome letter is introductory, contains information about the company, products, services. Sent to new subscribers to engage in further communication.

There’s a reason that welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate, by far the most among these types of content.

2. Newsletter

Newsletter talks about the latest events, tips, company or industry updates. Such a letter is full of news and offers, after reading which subscribers will want to act (make a purchase). The positive side is that in a newsletter you can cover several different areas of interest at once.

Newsletter ads receive on average 2x more clicks than their respective sites. 83% of B2B marketers use newsletters for content marketing.

3. Sales and Promotions

Announcement emails promote new products to specific customer segments.

81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on their previous shopping experience are likely to buy again.

4. Letters with Interesting Facts and Tips

Emails with advice and educational content are helpful. It can be articles, videos for subscribers.

47% of potential buyers (leads) look through 3-5 sections of content before considering a purchase.

5. Repeat an Order Letter

Repeat an order emails remind customers to reorder a product or resubscribe after a certain period of time.

6. Reviews

Such emails help a company to learn user preferences through surveys.

People tend to take surveys by email rather than online, over the phone, or in an app.

7. Forgotten Shopping Bag

The forgotten bag email is sent to those who left the site without completing their purchase.

50% of recipients of transactional emails as a result complete a purchase.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Whether you are doing offline marketing or digital CBD marketing, you need to keep in touch with consumers. Digital CBD marketing methods provide the best opportunity to study consumer preferences because they have access to personal information about customers. With this kind of data, companies can better understand today’s consumer preferences. Sources of customer information include data from online customer surveys, search queries, past reviews, etc.

The effectiveness of email marketing for cannabis is in your hands. Knowing the little tricks and features of organizing a mailing list will help make it high-quality and effective. Depending on the expected results of the mailing, you can perfectly match the types of letters and other marketing campaign tools. But do not focus on one thing: experiment, change tactics depending on changes in consumer demands – always keep up with the times.

Learn how to create a CBD email marketing plan, design effective email marketing for cannabis all along your sales funnel, test them and improve your deliverability rates. Then discover the power of marketing automation and how to measure the success of your emails.

The goal of making a profit should not be too obvious to your potential customers. Whether you’re advertising on your website or on third-party platforms, make sure your primary focus is on user benefits.

For example, your audience needs to understand how they can benefit from buying cannabidiol (CBD) oil from your store. So, the first thing to do is to get acquainted with all the potential benefits of CBD oil. Then you can list these benefits because they apply to your specific CBD products.

Between these informative fragments, place methodical references with a call to action. This way, your content informs the reader while promoting your products smoothly.


Marketing a cannabis company is not much different from running other marketing campaigns. All you have to do is understand what the law says about cannabis advertising in your area. After that, you can apply the marketing method that works best for you while making sure you focus on delivering value to your target audience.

There are a number of marketing agencies that work in the cannabis industry. Cannabis agencies with a well-designed website offering branding and creative services are going to be incredibly important to cannabis marketers.

If you need professional help with Email Marketing for Cannabis Businesses, you can reach out to us today. At Digital Octane, we provide outstanding CBD website design and development services, support for CBD startup businesses, CBD marketing and also we can add the subscription form to your website to gather leads’ emails.

Let us help you and take your CBD brand to the next level!

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