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How to create a website for your new CBD business

December 26, 2019

CBD and Cannabis area of business becomes extremely competitive and having a great-looking and highly optimized website is crucial for your company. Building a good CBD website will bring more customers for your business, increase conversion rates and help your brand grow.

Here are the main ways how to create a website for your CBD business:

1. Doing it yourself using a site-builder.

This might be an option for start, because a site-builder like wix or squarespace can be quite cheap and they have templates which you can use to make a simple website with an opt-in form.

They have some nice designs and 24/7 support where you can ask any questions and their price is affordable for most people.

But we wouldn’t recommend using this option, because it’s not scalable at all, if your business will grow and you’ll want to add something like a cart or some more customizations, it will be a pain. And in most cases, it’s just impossible to do anything more or less complex, because such instruments aren’t made for that.

Also, SEO is a crucial part for prospects to be able to find your website. Using site-builders, your CBD website, most likely, wouldn’t appear on top of search results, because site-builders contain too much unnecessary code in them and load pretty slow, which is bad for a CBD or a Cannabis website.

2. Hiring a professional web-design and development agency.

This is a good and scalable option, there are lots of professional agencies which can make you a great website that will fit all your requirements and they will be able to maintain your CBD business website, make sure it’s always optimized, updated and secured.

A professional agency will make you a great custom design that will attract visitors and convert them to customers.

The downside of this approach is that a good agency isn’t cheap. The prices for building a good CBD business website may vary from $5000 to $20000 or more depending on your requirements and functionality you want to have. More than that, most of the agencies additionally charge a certain sum a month for maintenance and don’t always deliver results fast.

So most of the time, a good agency isn’t an option for a business which just started and doesn’t have a lot of budget to spend right away.

3. Using one of the Packages specially developed for CBD and Cannabis website development.

The most convenient way to go is to use one of the packages which are made according to the best practices in terms of design and development for CBD brands. It has all the benefits of both approaches which are mentioned above: they are both affordable, scalable and professional.

There are four packages with a different set of functions to fit all your needs, with solutions starting from a small brand up to a big company website with a lot of functionality and complex features.

All of the packages are affordable and will look professional, reliable and easy to understand for users and potential clients. All of the websites made using these packages look good, have great UX and high conversion rates. Once the website is done, you would be easily able to edit any content using a simple admin panel.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us anytime. We’ll be happy to bring in all the experience we have to build your perfect CBD business Website.

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