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App Development


Crewww is a startup based in Singapore. The company has an app, the idea behind it is to connect people through quickly arranged events. The idea is simple, yet effective and already has thousand of daily users. The core concept is to be able to quickly set up an event based on the location and spread the word about it.


The Problem

Crewww had a very nice and fresh idea behind it, the founders of the company are established professionals in the design field in Singapore and they financed the project completely by themselves. At the moment the start-up is in it’s investment phase. In order for the idea to work, it required to have a fully functional and convenient mobile app. The client had limited time and required the app to work seamlessly and fast on both Android and iOS devices, so we proposed a non-native engineering approach for the Crewww app.


The Solution

We proposed the client to make a progressive web app based on React Native instead of the native applications for iOS and Android. It had all the features that were required by the client, also we made it possible to access the app from web – not only from mobile devices.

Another advantage of the approach was that it allowed using the same codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. And we even made a fully functional desktop version of the Crewww app as well.


To start, we had mockups for the prototype and some UX flow descriptions. We studied them and asked some questions to clarify the flows. Based on those we made all Technical specifications and the full plan for development. When the plan was confirmed, the development phase was launched.

The back end was based on Node.JS and we developed an API to connect React Native front end to it. It is worth mentioning that for the front end it was required to use geolocation services and React Native allowed us to implement this feature.

When both the front end and back end phases were completed, we launched the testing phase according to the plan and published the app on the secure HTTPS domain.

Currently, the app is launched and has thousands of users who open it every day, we’re in the iterative process with the improvements and keep the app running smoothly, providing the client all the maintenance and support required on a daily basis.

Ready for the next step?

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