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Mason Brothers Property Management CRM

Our team was entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive property management solution for a client. The project aimed to address the needs of property management operations, including payments handling, user roles management, and effective communication between managers and clients.

Mason Brothers Property Management CRM

Project Challenge

The client’s budgetary constraints were the primary challenge. It was crucial to deliver a solution that was both economical and efficient, encompassing all the requested features without compromising on the quality of work.

Mason Brothers Property Management CRM

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, our team opted to use WordPress as the backend platform. This choice was driven by WordPress’s in-built database and methods, which significantly saved on development time and cost. Additionally, WordPress’s existing user management system was exploited to establish distinct user roles for admins, managers, and clients.

For the creation of client panel pages, we made use of Custom Post Types functionality, while Advanced Custom Fields was utilized to introduce custom options and link users to the pages. This allowed us to craft a convenient and easy-to-use interface for both the admin and manager roles with minimum effort.

Mason Brothers Property Management CRM

One of the core features of our solution was the integration of a payment system. We connected the Stripe API to our system to facilitate ACH through a secure gateway. This feature simplified the payment process, ensuring all transactions were safe and reliable.

To enhance the user experience on the front-end, we employed the React framework. Connecting this to the WordPress database, we created a flexible interface that could be easily modified as per the user’s needs.

Additionally, we designed a notifications system based on email to keep both parties informed in the most efficient way.


By leveraging WordPress’s in-built functionalities and integrating the React framework, we developed a cost-effective yet powerful property management solution that met the client’s needs. The final product effectively managed user roles, payments, and communication, providing a user-friendly interface that significantly improved the efficiency of property management operations.

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