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Hugo Alexander

What We Did

Web Development

About the company

Hugo Alexander Property Group is an industry-leading property management service. They're sold 342 of 346 properties listed for sale and negotiated over $35 million above the clients asking price.

The Task

Client already had a website, but it was not updated for a long time, so there were a lot of issues with the plugins and some custom features. Also, the client wanted to implement new features, such as Rent Apartment Listing synchronization with REX Crm and new static pages with the content.

The Process

Ar first, we made a technical review of the website to determine the current website's state and made a list of possible improvements. We also updated the CMS and all plugins and tested all features after that.

We added new pages and connected Rent post type with REX CRM. So the properties for Rent post type are populated from the CRM automatically.