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Real Estate

Hugo Alexander

Hugo Alexander Property Group is an Australian-based property management company recognized by many as the best in the industry at the state, national and International levels.

Hugo Alexander

The Task

Hugo Alexander team reached out to us with the task of implementing custom property management software integration on their website and revamping the website’s look and feel completely for the website to look modern and convenient.

Hugo Alexander

The Solution

The work consisted of two parts — WordPress website revamp and custom property management software integration.

For the WordPress revamp, first, we inspected the current state of the website. It appeared that website was based on a custom theme and Elementor was used as a page builder. We decided to keep the Elementor for the existing pages, which did not require any changes. But for the new pages, we proposed the client to use custom HTML/CSS with an editable content fields approach, since the website did not require any extensive content-building features. But with the custom approach, we improved the loading speed and responsiveness heavily for these pages.

We created the mock-ups for the new pages in Figma and implemented shareable prototypes for the client to check and approve them. After the approval, we created HTML versions of all these pages and started to integrate them into the custom WordPress theme.

Hugo Alexander

We created a child theme for everything that’s new on the website, so this allowed us to keep the website code clean and easy to navigate, even is someone else would be working on it in future.

When the pages were implemented in WordPress CMS, we filled them with the content and made the final quality assurance step. When all features and fields were tested, the project was sent to the client for final approval and publication.

For the property management software integration, we took our usual preparations. To make sure that we’ll 100% meet the client’s expectations on how it’s supposed to work. We made a technical specifications document for the task, which contained all the aspects of the development.

It appeared that the client used REX software, which does not have Wordpess integration but allows to get the property listing as a file via API. We made a tool that was checking for updates in the software with CRON and updated the listings on the website.

The listings were made as Custom Post Type with editable fields. But there was no manual work involved since the fields were filled by the tool that we created ourselves.

We built a fully custom back-end and front-end for the tool, tested it and published it after the confirmation with the client.

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