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LNV Organics – Turnkey CBD Website

LVN Organics is a family-owned CBD Marketplace that sells various CBD products online. Largest selection of high-quality CBD products from top brands on one trusted CBD marketplace.

LNV Organics – Turnkey CBD Website

Website Features

The website was designed and developed by us from scratch. The client wanted to have a bright and vibrant look and feel to go along with the brand, so we used saturated images and bright colors to make it pop to achieve good contrast and make UI elements clearly visible, so the brand could stand out from the competition.

LNV Organics – Turnkey CBD Website

From the technical side of things, it’s developed using WordPress and Woocommerce with the use Custom Theme that we developed. All content is easily customizable without knowing how to code and there is a Content Builder made on Advanced Custom Fields, which allows the customer to easily create new pages and add new blocks to existing ones. So the client can now even edit texts and images, but also adjust the layout of the website easily. Also, the website has all the tools to comply with the regulatory requirements, since it’s the CBD Company website. For example, we implemented the Age Verification feature, which is required for such an industry.

LNV Organics – Turnkey CBD Website

The advantage of Custom ACF builder is that, compared to third party solutions on the market, it’s not bloated with extra scripts and code, which is good for SEO ranking and website speed optimization.

We used best practices in web design such as image compression, scripts minification to achieve good results in website speed optimization. It’s important to have good website load speed to make sure that website users will be comfortable using the website from any device and the website speed is considered in Google Ranking, which is really important for the CBD company that selling online.

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