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William Hood & Company

William Hood & Company is a differentiated industry-focused investment banking practice covering the consumer, food and retail sectors with a specialization in health and wellness and emerging consumer trends.

William Hood  & Company

The Goal

William Hood and Company reached out to us for website development. The company required a better and improved representation of their brand on the web and a convenient way to manage the updates and information on their website.

William Hood  & Company

The Solution

We created a website for William Hood and Co based on WordPress CMS and created a fully custom WP theme specifically for this website, which gave it the best performance possible, nice loading speed and responsiveness across all types of devices. We developed the site in a way, so all the content on the website is easily editable from the admin panel. We made a convenient interface using ACF, which allows the client to change texts and images on each of the pages easily.

Company experience is one of the crucial parts of the William Hood website. For this part we made a front-end solution that shows the past transactions that the company carried out. It is possible to filter the transactions by various parameters. From the admin panel it is implemented as a Custom Post Type. So each of the transactions has a dedicated page with the content editing features.

William Hood  & Company

The media page is another complex solution we engineered. It is important for the company to keep this page in the constantly¬† updated state. So we made a custom post type for the media mentions. Each new mention has it’s own page and a filed for a URL with several other options.
Besides the mentions, there is a section for the events, which is implemented as a slider on the front-end and a repeater on the backend.
Those features allow managing the media page quickly and currently we have the website on our maintenance plan, and such options allow us to add the content the same time the client sends us the request.

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