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Xometry is a leader in high-precision production part and prototyping manufacturing on demand.


The Challenge

Xometry already had a website, which was made using a third-party WordPress theme, but the requirement was too broad the capabilities. So the client reached out to us since we are WordPress custom development professionals having more than 8 years worth of day-to-day experience working on projects just like this. They wanted to keep WordPress as a base, but be more flexible with the functionality. There was a lot of content management involved and it was required to make it easy to use.
Another challenge of this project was implementing multi-lingual functionality supporting more than 8 languages. So it was a fascinating project to work on.


The Solution

We decided to make a fully custom WordPress theme from scratch and power it with our favorite tool for content editing, which is Advanced Custom Fields Pro. We developed a bunch of templates for single pages and built a custom builder based on the Flexible Content feature. It allowed the client to have a set of blocks, which could be moved easily around and filled with different text and images. Repeaters were also widely used, since there were a lot of parts with repetitive sections. We made the admin panel as easy to use and as intuitive as possible, so Xometry team would be able to manage the content and without any issues.


For the design part, we used the old website version as the base and implemented new pages and blocks based on the visual guides, which we already had. Freshen up some parts and created a new interface for Materials section and Blogs.

For the language support we used the WPML and had to customize the plugin to align with design and some custom backend features.

The website is fast, flexible, optimized to the maximum and currently only technical support is required from our end, but the client is able to create and customize any content block they want themselves.

Ready for the next step?

At Digital Octane, we work with all kinds of clients, technologies and solutions and can take on various projects starting from small maintenance and adjustments for eCommerce websites and up to complex, high level web-application development using modern frameworks. We take the best care of any type of project and deliver you the best quality.